Did It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Cast Mindy Kaling for Season 13?

Mindy Kaling is joining the cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - or is she? While speculation is running wild, there is no official confirmation that Kaling - best known for her roles in The Mindy Project and Ocean's 8 - is joining the Paddy's Pub gang, or even appearing for a cameo. While this latest rumor is most likely blown out of proportion, the speculation itself is sure to stick around for awhile. Fans have been waiting impatiently for any new bit of information on the latest season, as well as confirmation of any potential major cast changes.

When we last left the gang at Paddy's Pub in the season 12 finale, shenanigans concerning a rocket launcher were put on hold when Dennis (Glenn Howerton) announced that he would be leaving to pursue parenthood. Earlier in the season, it had been revealed that Dennis had fathered a child, and even though he initially refused to be in the child's life, he decided it was time to embrace his parental responsibilities. The future of Dennis has been left up in the air, and his undefined status going into season 13 has left many fans longing for answers. The possibility of a big name like Kaling joining the cast certainly does nothing to resolve the issue.

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Rob McElhenny - the show's creator and a regular cast member - recently shared a photo on his Instagram of the gang reunited at Paddy's Pub, with Kaling. While the photo was swiftly removed, a screenshot was captured and has since been shared by @stefinitely85 on Twitter, sending Always Sunny fans into a frenzy. Noticeably, Glenn Howerton is missing from the photo. Kaling later followed up with her own tweet, fueling the fire of speculation on whether or not she may have a part in the upcoming season.

"It's always sunny when you're visiting your friends on @alwayssunny #season13," Kaling tweeted, accompanied by a picture of herself with what could possibly be a script from an upcoming episode. Note, the "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 13" document she is holding. Scene 7 is listed with a June 18, 2018 date and the numbers "1310" - a possible reference to season 13, episode 10. While the posts are a reality, the implications are so far all speculative.

Combined, these posts have fans theorizing whether Mindy Kaling has been cast, and if so, what her role will be. While this may be just an innocent visit to the set, fans have been musing about a potential cameo. That isn't hard to imagine happening, as Rob McElhenney previously guest starred alongside Kaling on The Mindy Project. Yet, with the possible departure of Glenn Howerton, many are considering the possibility that she may have been cast in a more prominent role, perhaps as a replacement member of the gang. Though no official premiere date has been announced yet for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 13, fans will no doubt continue to consider what it might have in store until the truth is finally revealed.

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