Mindhunter: Watch Comparison With Real Serial Killer Interviews

A Mindhunter fan created a fascinating video that directly compares scenes from Mindhunter's version of Ed Kemper (Cameron Britton) with real life interviews of the serial killer. Mindhunter, which launched on Netflix this month, brings real-life serial killers to the small screen as two FBI agents interview them to try to understand what makes them tick. It's a look at the early days of criminal profiling, and is based on real events (although obviously, the series uses actors to bring the criminals to life).

One of the four killers profiled in Mindhunter is Ed Kemper, who murdered multiple women as well as his mother and grandparents. He was first convicted as a teen (after the murder of his grandparents), but after his release began his real life of crime, luring young female hitchhikers into his van before killing them and taking their bodies home. The killer later did interviews and was even filmed for a documentary, and now clips from these have been edited into a video that compared them directly with the interview scenes in Mindhunter.

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The video, created by YouTuber Thomas Flight, combines segments of original documentary interviews with the interview scenes featuring Britton. At just under five minutes long, the video cuts back and forth between the two, allowing the viewer to see where the character's words differ, and where they are shockingly similar. At some points, the wording and delivery is almost identical.

While Mindhunter does take some liberties with the actual events that led to the formation of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, most of these are with the stories of the FBI agents involved. The serial killers themselves are portrayed as accurately as possible, and this comparison video shows just how spot-on Britton's portrayal is of Kemper. While the script has obviously not been re-created word-for-word, several phrases are lifted directly from it, making it clear that the writers behind Mindhunter watched these tapes as part of their research.

The similarities between the Mindhunter scenes and the real video interviews are incredible, and reveal just how much effort was expended on making everything line up. It could also be considered quite creepy, although fans of a show about serial killers are probably more likely to be fascinated than appalled by video footage of the real murderer. At the moment, Thomas Flight has only created one comparison video, but it would be fantastic to see similar videos for the other subjects of Mindhunter season 1.

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Mindhunter season 1 is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Source: Thomas Flight

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