Mindhunter Season 2 To Premiere On Netflix In August

Jonathan Groff and Happy Anderson in Mindhunter Season 1 Netflix

It’s been well over a year since Netflix premiered the first season of its drama Mindhunter, but the wait for season 2 is almost over, according to executive producer Charlize Theron. The ‘70s-set serial killer series struck a chord when it premiered in 2017, introducing Jonathan Groff’s FBI agent Holden Ford and his chain-smoking partner Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), as they interviewed numerous serial killers in an effort to better understand the minds of those who take the lives of others. 

With the help of director and producer David Fincher, Mindhunter proved itself to be an intriguing pivot from the typical police procedural. Rather than follow a pair of dogged FBI agents in search of a killer, the series consisted almost entirely of taped interviews between Holden, Tench, and noted killers, like Ed Kemper (Cameron Britton, The Umbrella Academy). That angle provided Fincher and the series’ other directors, Andrew Douglas, Asif Kapadia, and Tobais Lindholm fertile ground on which to examine not only the unpleasant details of the killers’ admissions, but also the impact they had on the agents’ personal lives. 

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Season 2 has been in production for what seems like forever, but according to Theron there’s a light at the end of this particularly dark tunnel. While making an appearance on Howard Stern to promote her new movie Long Shot, the Oscar winner casually mentioned that Mindhunter season 2 would premiere this August. You can listen to the clip below (via @MindhunterNews): 

August is still a ways away and Netflix has yet to officially announce anything, but that’s good news for folks eager to find out what happened to Holden in the aftermath of his panic attack at the end of season 1, and that’s saying nothing of the unsettling goings-on around Dr. Wendy Carr’s (Anna Torv) apartment. Perhaps more interesting is the in addition to Fincher returning to direct, he’ll be joined by a pair of talented filmmakers in Carl Franklin (The Leftovers) and Andrew Dominik (Killing Them Softly). 

Fincher, Franklin, and Dominik will take agents Ford and Tench into the ‘80s to investigate the Atlanta Child Murders, and it seems that Holden will get his chance to speak with Charles Manson, as played by Damon Herriman (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood). That’s a lot to look forward to and a lot of ground for the series to cover in just eight episodes, but at least fans have a better idea of how much longer they’ll have to wait. 

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Mindhunter season 2 will reportedly premiere in August on Netflix. 

Source: Howard Stern, Mindhunter News

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