David Fincher is Hoping Mindhunter Gets 5 Seasons

Jonathan Groff in Mindhunter Netflix

Mindhunter only made its debut on Netflix this October, but already there's plans for it to go on for four more seasons. David Fincher's new TV series has been lauded by critics and viewers alike as it delves into the murky history of the FBI and their growing understanding of what makes a serial killer and how to catch them.

The psychological crime series stars Jonathan Groff as Special Agent Holden Ford and Holt McCallany as his partner Bill Tench, and follows them as they meet with incarcerated psychopaths to find out what motivates them to kill in such a disturbing and shocking manner - in order for the FBI to better profile serial killers and catch them.

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McCallany spoke exclusively to Screen Rant about his enthusiasm for being such a big part of another Fincher project and what we can hope for Mindhunter's future:

You know I’m in small, you know, supporting parts, peripheral parts. And so it was a big deal for me to be invited back by David in one of the leads. Because you know I believe in his talent, you know, and I know that you know, he wants to do five years of this show. Five seasons of these characters and so I’m hopeful, you know I don’t take anything for granted.

McCallany has worked on several of Fincher's previous films - including Alien 3 and Fight Club - and it's no wonder that he is hoping for Mindhunter to continue for a long time, given his significant role. There's certainly scope to continue for four more seasons, given the sheer number of active serial killers in the 1970s that could be featured.

Season 1 features the likes of Ed Kemper and Richard Speck being interviewed by Tench and Ford, while Charles Manson and David Berkowitz (AKA Son of Sam) were mentioned on more than a few occasions, setting them up to appear in future seasons. Fincher has confirmed that season 2 will center on the Atlanta child murders that took place between 1979 and 1981. Wayne Williams was found guilty of murdering 28 children, adults and adolescents, but has always maintained his innocence; his storyline will certainly complicate things for Ford, Tench and the FBI's Behavioural Science Unit.

If Fincher can maintain the pace and tone of Mindhunter but evolve the narrative into season 2 and beyond in an engaging way (with continued surprise)s, then there's no reason why they can't be as well-received as season 1. He just has to stay away from the pitfalls that something like True Detective season 2 made by using up all his tricks in the debut season. Given his stellar history of filmmaking, Fincher will surely help to navigate further Mindhunter seasons with the same expertise he's lent to House of Cards, so Netflix should just hurry up and greenlight them already.

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Mindhunter season 1 is now available for streaming through Netflix.

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