10 Most Mind-Blowing Twists In Black Mirror

Black Mirror is one of the shows that started the current trend of anthology storytelling on television. The series started on BBC before being brought back by Netflix and has recently aired its sixth season. It is a collection of stories exploring the often-frightening possibilities of technology. These are often bleak and disturbing tales of the future.

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While the episodes usually revolve around some interesting new technology that leads characters down dangerous paths, there is always more to the story than meets the eye. The show is often known for its crazy twists and when done well, they can be pretty mind-blowing. Here are the best twists from Black Mirror.

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Andrea Riseborough in Black Mirror Crocodile
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10 Crocodile

Andrea Riseborough in Black Mirror Crocodile

"Crocodile" may be the darkest episode of Black Mirror and that's saying a lot. The story follows Mia (Andrea Riseborough) who kills someone to hide a past crime. When questioned by an insurance investigator for an accident she witnesses, Mia's crime is revealed through technology that accesses her memories.

To cover her tracks, Mia abducts the insurance investigator, her husband and their infant son who Mia believes saw her face. As it turns out, the son was blind but the pet guinea pig saw everything. Its memory is reviewed and Mia is arrested for the murders.

9 Fifteen Million Merits

"Fifteen Million Merits" is set in an enclosed society where people endlessly ride stationary bikes to earn merit points. After falling in love with an aspiring singer, Bing (Daniel Kaluuya) gives her his merits so she can enter a singing competition. The judges manipulate the girl into entering the society's pornography industry instead.

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Bing seeks revenge by entering the competition as using it as a platform to criticize their society and threaten to kill himself live of television. The judges instead praise his energy and offer him his own show which Bing accepts, selling out to the society.

8 Hated In The Nation

While most Black Mirror episodes are long, "Hated in the Nation" is basically a movie. The movie follows police investigating a series of deaths of public figures who have been hated on social media. It is revealed that a hashtag is being used to target the most hated individuals.

As the police attempt to shut the murders down, the final phase of the killer's plan is put in motion as everyone who used the hashtag now become targets for execution leading to the deaths of thousands of people.

7 Hang The DJ

Black Mirror does a pretty good job of inserting its unique style into different genres. "Hang the DJ" is the show's attempt at a romantic comedy. The story centers on Frank and Amy, a couple who are paired through their society's strict dating program which seeks to match people with their ideal partner.

After being matched with several undesirable partners and seeing their own relationship has an expiration date, they decide to break the society's rules and escape together. It is then revealed that this version of Frank and Amy was just one of hundreds used as a simulation for an actual dating app that matches the two together in the real world.

6 Men Against Fire

Malachi Kirby in Black Mirror

"Men Against Fire" is set in a foreign country where soldiers are brought in to exterminate mutated beings called Roaches. The story follows one particular soldier who is attacked by a Roach who uses a strange device on him.

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The soldier soon realizes that the device was used to disable an implant in his head which hides the truth. The implant makes the soldier the people as mutated creatures but they are actually just innocent civilians who have been targeted by the military for extermination.

5 Playtest

Black Mirror Playtest

"Playtest" is Black Mirror's attempt at a full-blown horror story. It stars Wyatt Russell as Cooper, an America living abroad who is chosen to be a participant in an experimental virtual reality video game.

After getting hooked up with the implant, Cooper is brought into the horror game. It begins playing with his sense of reality, not knowing what's real and what's in the game. In the end, it is revealed that Cooper died seconds after getting hooked up to the game after he received a call on his phone which shorted out the implant on his head.

4 White Bear

White Bear Black Mirror episode

"White Bear" begins with a woman waking up with amnesia in a strange house. Out on the street, she sees people recording her with their phones but not acknowledging her. She is then attacked by masked gunmen before running into another woman, Jem.

She and Jem are continuously chased by masked hunters until she gets one of their guns and realized its fake. The whole thing is revealed to be a setup and a punishment for the woman who is a child killer. As her sentence, she has her memory wiped and she is continuously terrorized in this way for the public's entertainment.

3 White Christmas

Jon Hamm in Black Mirror

Even a show like Black Mirror can get into the holiday spirit with this Christmas special. Of course, it is a very dark Christmas special. The story stars Jon Hamm and Rafe Spall as two men working over the holidays in some remote outpost.

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The two men pass the time by telling stories of how they got there, with Spall's character being more reluctant to talk. He eventually admits to murdering someone in his past. It's then revealed with he is in a virtual reality world designed as an interrogation technique by police and he is trapped inside there.

2 Black Museum

"Black Museum" stars Letitia Wright as Nish, a girl visiting a museum run by an eccentric man named Rolo Haynes. The museum is filled with technology that has been used for disturbing crimes over the years, all of which Rolo has had a part in designing.

He shows Nish his main attraction which is the consciousness of a man who was executed on death row despite claiming to be innocent. After signing his consciousness over to Rolo he has been trapped and repeatedly executed by the museum guests. Nish reveals she is the man's daughter and she frees her father, putting Rolo in his place.

1 Shut Up And Dance

Jerome Flynn and Alex Lawther in Black Mirror

"Shut Up and Dance" follows Kenny a young man who is blackmailed by unknown parties after they spy on him through his laptop camera watching pornography. To avoid having the video released, Kenny is sent on a number of increasingly dangerous and illegal tasks.

In the end, he is forced to fight another blackmailed man to the death and he manages to kill the man. However, the hackers release the blackmail information anyway and it is revealed Kenny was watching child pornography, making him far less of the victim we thought he was.

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