Star Wars 7: There's A Batmobile On The New Millenium Falcon

Zack Snyder is currently shooting Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in Detroit and last week rumors indicated that one of the new Batmobiles was stolen. Snyder took to Twitter to post a funny response to the news, one the that made geek fans proud. As it turns out, a Stormtrooper was to blame!

The image (below) was shared by Zack Snyder who took advantage of the rumor to share a beautiful photo by Clay Enos who shot it on a Nikon D800. That's cool in and of it self, but it's part of a much cooler, and larger trend. That rumor by the way, was entirely false. Detroit police spokesman Sgt. Michael Woody went on record confirming that "The Batmobile is safe in the Batcave where it belongs."

Snyder's actually been making a habit of posting mash-up images of Batman V Superman and Star Wars for a few months. In July he posted an image of Superman (Henry Cavill) as a Jedi and in August he tweeted Star Wars: Episode VII director J.J. Abrams' company directly with another similarly themed photo featuring Batman and R2-D2. Now, Abrams is responding by including a little piece of Batman in Star Wars, or more specifically, as part of the Millenium Falcon.

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