15 Characters Millie Bobby Brown Could Play In Avengers: Infinity War

Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things as Tong, Squirrel Girl, or Death Locket in Avengers Infinity War

It seems like only yesterday that Marvel did the unprecedented and brought together a number of big name stars and superheroes to form the cinematic adaptation of The Avengers. Since then, the adventures have continued both separately and together. And with a little over a year before it premieres, the team-up to end all team-ups, Avengers: Infinity War, has officially started production.

With a cast said to feature over 60 stars from past films (and hopefully television series), the movie will be a blockbuster feat like no other. We’ve already learned of a number of heroes who will be battling against Thanos, but Marvel is likely to include a few new characters as well. Last week, the Internet went wild when the Russo Brothers shared a photo of them directing a scene accompanied by Millie Bobby Brown, better known as Eleven on Netflix’s Stranger Things.

While we think it’s a longshot that she’s been cast in the film given the blasé nature of the reveal, we couldn’t help but speculate as to which character she might portray if she did join the MCU. Here are 15 Characters Millie Bobby Brown Could Be Playing In Avengers: Infinity War.

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15 Squirrel Girl

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Varient Women of Power

While this whole concept should be taken with a grain of salt, the idea of Brown joining the MCU in the future is actually a no-brainer. She’s surely on Marvel’s radar and within a few years (say, at the start of Phase 4), she could easily be cast as a number of key characters on the big or small screen. One perfect fit, who’s been teased for years and could make her debut in Infinity War, is Doreen Green, aka the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Doreen is a fan-favorite character who’s seen a rise in popularity over the past few years thanks to the hilarious writing and sumptuous art of Ryan North and Erica Henderson, respectively.

Anna Kendrick has already expressed interest in the part should it emerge, as has Brown’s Stranger Things costar, Shannon Purser (who plays the dearly departed Barb). While Squirrel Girl is generally shown to be college-age and Brown is only 13, the character could easily be made a bit younger. Furthermore, she could debut in a small cameo, having just received her power over squirrels and her bushy tail, before starring in her own show or movie in a couple of years when she could easily play a version of the character in high school. Squirrel Girl may be too absurd for the current version of the MCU, but we’re hoping Phase 4 will open the doors to some new and exciting opportunities.

14 Pip the Troll

Pip Gofern the Troll

One actor who seems even more likely to join Infinity War than Brown is Peter Dinklage. His casting looks to be a sure thing, and speculation has already begun as to who he could be playing. While there’s some solid evidence pointing towards M.O.D.O.K., another strong contender is Pip the Troll. Created by Jim Starlin, the writer responsible for Thanos, Infinity Gauntlet, and Infinity War in the comics, Pip premiered in 1975’s Strange Tales #179.

Hailing from a distant planet and gifted with the power of teleportation, Pip played a pivotal role in the storyline upon which the Infinity War movie is based. As such, many have pegged him as the character Dinklage could be playing, but Brown would be perfect for the part as well. The character’s stature and demeanor make Brown a lock for the part, and there’s nothing about Pip that suggests he has to be played by a male actor.

13 Tong

Tong the Moloid from FF

Thanks to the work of Matt Fraction and Michael Allred on 2012’s FF, Tong oddly began to look something like Eleven. As a Moloid, the devolved residents of an underground kingdom, Tong is already bald. Thanks to a great arc involving Tong questioning her gender, the character began dressing similar to how Eleven looks once she puts on ‘girl clothes.’

Though the Moloids would need some explanation, it could certainly be streamlined. FF is one of those singular comics that is begging to be adapted into some sort of absurd Marvel TV series, so introducing a character like Tong as played by Brown would be the first step. She would also provide some much needed comic relief, as the proceedings of Infinity War are bound to be dire. Even better, Marvel could introduce Tong’s siblings and fellow members of the Future Foundation, Turg, Korr, and Mik and have them be played by some of the other stars of Stranger Things.

12 Death Locket

Death Locket, aka Rebecca Ryker from Avengers Arena

Like FF, 2013’s Avengers Arena is a natural fit for a movie or TV adaptation. Essentially Battle Royale meets The Hunger Games, but with young Marvel characters, the story sees the villain Arcade capture a bunch of teen heroes from Avengers Academy, Runaways, and a number of other groups and lock them in a televised battle to the death. While it features a number of established characters like X-23, Sister Grimm, and Hazmat, the comic also introduced a spat of new heroes to the Marvel universe.

One of the new additions is Rebecca Ryker, a young girl who’s been outfitted with Deathlok technology that gives her a weaponized cybernetic arm and a healing factor. Mishearing the insult “Deathlok-ette” as Death Locket, her new name was born. While a relatively obscure character, she’s perfect for Brown at 14 years old.

She’d also represent a great way of connecting TV to the movies as Deathlok has been a key part of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Not only that, but a young girl who’s been experimented on to become a weapon is right in Brown’s wheelhouse.

11 Anastasia Kravinoff

Anastasia Kravinoff, the Daughter of Kraven the Hunter

First appearing in 2008’s Amazing Spider-Man #565, Anastasia Kravinoff begins as the 12-year-old daughter of Kraven the Hunter. Though he sadly won’t be Spidey’s first foe in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, Kraven is likely to arrive soon in the MCU, given his more grounded nature. The issue with this casting is introducing the daughter before the father, but perhaps Kraven himself could debut as a street-level threat recruited by Thanos to keep Spidey busy during Infinity War. He could have his daughter in tow, teaching her the ways of the hunt.

Like her father, Ana is a master tracker and martial artists, which would allow Brown to get some fight training in for the part. She’s also later revealed to be an Inhuman, meaning she could easily crossover to TV once introduced. There’s even the possibility that she could serve as the main Kraven the Hunter, the way the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider was established before his predecessors in the MCU. Her father could then be hinted at, only to arrive in the next Spider-Man film.

10 Finesse

Finesse Fighting Taskmaster in Avengers Academy

Finesse is one of the great untapped characters of Marvel Comics. Debuting in 2010’s Avengers Academy, she’s one of several at-risk teens with superpowers that Hank Pym trains in an effort to prevent them from turning to a life of crime. With the power to mimic any physical skill she witnesses, she’s essentially a teen Taskmaster and has the potential to be one of Marvel’s greatest fighters. In fact, it’s hinted at many times that Jeanne Foucault, aka Finesse, could be the daughter of Tony Masters. Thanks to his degraded memory, however, Masters can’t offer any insight.

Like Kraven, Taskmaster should be right around the corner for introduction into the MCU, so Finesse could provide a connection. She’s also got a unique and grounded power that requires no CGI, making her a great addition to the ranks of street-level heroes. Her build, age, and look make Brown a lock for the part, should Marvel decide to elevate the character to the big leagues.

9 Julie Power

Julie Power from Power Pack in Avengers Academy

Power Pack is one of the few long-rumored Marvel properties that has yet to be adapted. While Runaways, Doctor Strange, and Ant-Man all finally saw (or are about to see) the light of day, Power Pack has remained in development hell for years. As such, it’s likely still a priority for Marvel to adapt into a either a family-friendly film or TV series. Like Stranger Things, it mostly focuses on a group of kids, except they’ve all got superpowers.

Introduced in 1984’s Power Pack, the four Power children are granted unique abilities by a dying alien. Julie gained flight, speed, and teleportation, plus a cool rainbow trail that flies behind her. Given that Infinity War will open Earth up to the cosmos, it would be great to see a small scene or even a tag show a Kymellian crash-land on our planet and grant its power to four kids, including Brown. From there, Power Pack could join The Runaways and Cloak & Dagger as part of Marvel’s teen superhero TV block that’s emerging.

8 Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop in Hawkeye

For now, Brown is a bit young to play the second Hawkeye, Kate Bishop. She could grow into the part once introduced, however. In the comics, Kate is inspired early on by seeing Hawkeye in action as just a regular guy with a bow among titans. We could see Brown play a young Bishop in the midst of Infinity War and watch her gain inspiration from seeing Hawkeye represent the everyman. From there, she could help lead a Young Avengers movie or TV show that we hope is coming.

Thanks to Matt Fraction and David Aja’s glorious reinterpretation of both Hawkeyes, many are hoping to see elements from the comics work their way into Jeremy Renner’s version of the character. Kate Bishop is a key component of that, so it’s only a matter of time before she joins the MCU. By planting the seeds early, Marvel could create a slow-gestating origin for a fan-favorite character.

7 Firestar

Firestar in The Avengers

Firestar is one of many comic characters who actually began life on TV. First appearing in the animated series Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends, Angelica Jones debuted in 1985’s Uncanny X-Men #193 as a mutant years later. Since then, she’s remained a teenage hero, fighting alongside others her age as an X-Men, Young Ally, and Avenger. Her microwave-radiation-based powers essentially allow her flight and pyrokinesis, but they come with a side effect.

Though her mutant status would need to be changed for the MCU, her cancer could remain. Part of Firestar’s arc is that her powers eventually lead to her getting cancer. As such, she’s got a tragic element to her backstory and abilities that, like Death Locket, puts Firestar right in Brown’s comfort zone as an actor.

Plus, it’s about time the MCU introduced someone with fire-based powers to the MCU, as Human Torch and Pyro are both owned by Fox. Given her complex origin, it’s unclear where her rights reside, so we’re choosing to believe Marvel still has control of the character.

6 Rikki Barnes

Rikki Barnes, aka Nomad

Rebecca “Rikki” Barnes has a truly complicated backstory full of multiple identities across various continuities. The most basic version is that she’s from a separate reality created by Franklin Richards during the reign of Onslaught in the ‘90s. Though she’s actually a duplicate of that character, the idea remains the same: she’s one of many people to use the names “Bucky” and “Nomad.”

As a gifted acrobat and fighter, Barnes is a street-level hero, but one with otherworldly connections to Captain America and The Winter Soldier. Given the immense power of the Infinity Stones, we could see Infinity War introducing us to multiple realities. As such, we could get a glimpse of the young Barnes in action as Nomad, or even have her cross over to our world. What could start as a cameo could easily spin-off into a future appearance in film or TV. The MCU is well-known for streamlining complex origins, so it’d be fun to see how Cap and Bucky reacted to a young character picking up where they left off all those years ago.

5 Cammi

Cammi from Avengers Arena and Marvel Comics

Camille Benally originally had a small part during the Annihilation event in the pages of Drax the Destroyer back in 2005. Going by the nickname Cammi, she’s essentially a young version of Star-Lord; she was brought into space at an early age and gets by using future guns and a jetpack. She was plucked out of her relative obscurity when she was brought into Murderworld during Avengers Arena, where she showed how formidable she was against a number of combatants with superpowers.

Sadly, she hasn’t shown up since the comic, but that means she’s got a lot less baggage for Marvel to streamline. At around 13, she’s the right age for Brown to play her and the character’s preference for isolation and lack of trust would give the actor plenty to work with. On top of that, she’s got a connection to Drax (plus shares some of his tattoos), and could serve as a sort of surrogate daughter for him in the film. This would be a great way to further humanize him, while also helping to introduce a new character with connections to Earth and the cosmos.

4 Moondragon

Infinity Watch Moondragon

Unlike the other entries on this list, Moondragon is a good bit older than Brown. Her backstory, however, makes a change in age quite simple and also makes her a natural fit for the MCU. Born Heather Douglas, she’s actually the daughter of the Earthling who would eventually become Drax the Destroyer. While Drax’s backstory has been altered in the movies, Brown could still easily portray a version of his daughter.

In Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax believes his daughter to be dead along with his wife. It would make for an amazing reveal if we learned she’d actually been taken by Thanos (or his father, like in the comics) and raised to become Moondragon, a warrior gifted with psychic abilities. Not only would it complicate Drax’s arc, but Moondragon could serve as leverage or a young lieutenant for Thanos during the events of Infinity War. With just a little retooling, the same emotional beats could be achieved while still fitting into the story of the movie and giving Brown a powerful role with future potential.

3 The Stepford Cuckoos

The Stepford Cuckoos in Uncanny X-Men

The possibility that Brown could be playing the Stepford Cuckoos is likely the longest of shots on this list, but it’s too fun not to mention. Created by seminal comic scribe Grant Morrison for 2001’s New X-Men, the Cuckoos are a group of powerful psychic quintuplets. Given their recent addition, it’s unclear if Fox owns the rights to them, but it’s likely. As such, the mutants, even if altered to something else, will probably not appear in a Marvel movie. Still, Fox and Marvel have made arrangements before, so it’s not impossible.

Though they’d likely be whittled down to triplets as they currently stand in the comics, it would be a lot of fun to watch Brown play multiple versions of the same character. Though they each have their own slight flair, they also all share a psychic hive mind which would make for some great scenes in a movie. Whether they were made to be aliens or Inhumans, it’d be great to see Marvel find a way to work in these young, cynical heroes and allow Brown to really sink her teeth into a multifaceted role.

2 Infinity

Infinity, the Cosmic Entity from Marvel Comics

Aside from physically playing a character, there’s a strong possibility that Brown could do what Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel are doing and simply voice someone in Infinity War. If she does, we’d love to see her portray the cosmic entity known as Infinity. Like in the comics, it’s already been established in the MCU that Infinity, Eternity, Entropy, and Death are the creators of the Infinity Stones. They also all play a role in the comic upon which the upcoming movie is based.

Death is the reason Thanos seeks the Stones, as he’s long attempted to court her using the destruction of the universe as a sort of gift. It would make sense, then, for the other cosmic entities to appear in the movie. Though it might seem odd to have a 13-year-old voice an all-powerful component of the universe, it could make for a nice contrast to the other voices if they all follow a bombastic thread. Given Infinity deals with time, the youth in her voice could also have story significance. Regardless, having Brown do voice work would certainly be a way to keep her role under wraps while still teasing images of her on set.

1 Flashback Character

Agent Carter Black Widow Flashback

The final possibility for who Millie Bobby Brown could be playing in Infinity War is a younger version of an established character. With the Time Stone now in play, the idea of flashbacks seems very likely in the new movie. By doing so, we could get a better look at the development of some of our heroes. Though there’s a lot of female characters the young Brown could be playing, we think three are most likely.

The first would be Black Widow. We’ve already seen flashes of her past in Age of Ultron, so Infinity War could go even further back by showing how devastating it was for a young girl to be trained to be an assassin. Following that thinking, Brown could also be a young Nebula. We know she can handle the bald part, and seeing how Nebula was abducted by Thanos and experimented on would offer a lot of insight into the newest Guardian of the Galaxy.

Finally, Brown could be a young Scarlet Witch. While we’ve already seen her get her abilities, we don’t know much about who she was as child. Even without traveling back in time, something like the Mind or Soul Stone could cause Wanda to reflect on her youth and reveal some truth about her present. Perhaps we could even see her mother practicing witchcraft, something she’s known for in the comics as the original Scarlet Witch.


Which character from Marvel Comics do you think Millie Bobby Brown could play in Avengers: Infinity War? Let us know in the comments!

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