Is A Millennium Film On The Way?

News broke a few weeks ago that a film version of Chris Carter television show Millennium might be on the way. I've spent that time trying to gather some information on the project to see if fans will get to see the return of Lance Henriksen's Frank Black character.

Millennium was a mid-to-late nineties show from the creator of The X-Files, Chris Carter, as a way of tackling darker stories that did not fit into the X-Files mold. Lance Henriksen starred as Frank Black, a profiler who has remarkable insight into the minds of killers and other demented souls. The show was like Michael Mann's Manhunter crossed with Seven, by way of The X-Files. While it wasn't a huge hit, it did acquire many loyal fans during its run and a campaign has been ongoing to try and get some closure on the series.

Lance Henriksen was approached by private investors who wish to make an independent film version of the Carter-produced series. Now, this is an interesting development as the rights to the series are owned by 20th Century Fox.

I have heard rumblings that Fox are interested in bringing Millennium back to screens - possibly without the involvement of Chris Carter and this independent route would seem like a way of doing so. It's also believed that the studio intends to make another X-Files film, and again it's possible that Carter won't be involved (he directed and co-wrote 2008's I Want To Believe). Now, be aware that this is speculation, but also something that I have heard through the grapevine, so there might be some truth to it.

If Fox were to let someone else produce a new version of Millennium then I can only assume that they would distribute the film on its release. It seems like a relatively risk-free way of Fox to use one of their properties without any real financial involvement, and in today's fiscally challenged world, it might make good sense.

It is believed that Carter will step aside from the franchise and one name that has been mentioned with regards to directing an independent Millennium film is Brett A. Hart.

Hart worked with Henriksen on 2007's wonderful Bone Dry and has shown interest in directing the project - even going so far as to say he'd direct it for free (although I can only assume he'd want some profit participation!). The low budget thriller was one of Henrikson's better films in recent years and it shows the director has a clear visual style and an understanding of pushing a minimal budget to get maximum results.

I spoke with Hart who had this to say about the project:

"As a tremendous admirer of "The Millennium Series" I'm of course very intrigued by the recent rumors that there may indeed be a full length feature on the horizon. If any one can get "Millennium" made its Lance and it's been a long time coming. It's time to give the fans what they've been patiently waiting to see... More insight into the aberrant world of Frank Black... while further elevating and merging storylines, characterization and visuals... and finally closure for one of the finest series ever created. Let's hope as the title sequence suggest "The Time is near"... and As I've already publicly stated... my passion and conviction for the series is so deep that I'd direct "Millennium - The Movie" for free just to see it on the big screen."

The ball is now in 20th Century Fox's court. Will they want to give the rights to independent producers who want to bring Millennium to the big screen or will they hold on to the property and refuse to share?

Who knows - but when we find out the answer, you can read about it on Screen Rant.

Source: Back To Frank

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