SR Pick - The Millennium Falcon Bed

Sleep is something that is totally underrated and something that most of the staff at Screen Rant surely don't get enough of. The body simply needs time to rest, to dream - recharge.

When I was a boy in 1976 in the outskirts of Chicago, IL, I had a stagecoach bunk bed, and we're not talking about some brown plastic, boneriffic pseudo-cowboy slumber rack. We're talking real wood, wrought-iron, 4-wheeled ultimate badassery that made other kids WEEP when their parents said "not tonite, kiddo" to sleepovers.

Now, my wife and I sleep in a custom bed that my father and I made out of wooden cabinetry that offers some extra storage for my wife and (sometimes) I. It sits almost 4 feet in the air and there's a custom trundle staircase and below us is an powered play house for our daughter, Jade. Pretty cool, right? Sure, I've had a good life in the custom bed department and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Wait a second - screw that. How about givin' me somma' this!?


A Millennium Falcon Bed? I think I might be turning into a Mynock as I type this, preparing for my nocturnal round of power cable chewing.

Before you ask, NO, the cutie in the Empire Strikes Back Leah (an ultra-talented Kayla Kromer) outfit is apparently not included, nor can you save up proofs of purchase and mail in for her (Dammit!).

Included in the round, multi-faceted bed  are two beacon-like LED's on the front, internal lights that provide a glow from below, and vehicle-specific mapped sheets. Just when you thought that would be enough, it also features a loadable cockpit, ready to house a series of brave action figure pilots and - are you ready for this one, kid? "Smuggler Compartments to hold your "stuff" (clearly meant for keyboards, etc).

I think all that would be missing after acquiring this custom piece, would be to don the white shirt, black pocketed vest and to dye my hair dark brown. Chewy are you with me?

Click the picture above to visit more pictures and details at SlashFilm and discuss the dreams, visions and adventures YOU'D have were The Millennium Falcon docked in your cargo bay bedroom.

Source: Kayla Kromer via Slash Film

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