Marvel fans have been clamoring for Miles Morales to get his own movie for about as long as he’s been in comic books. A relatively new Spider-Man in the Marvel Comics timeline, Miles was introduced as a high school student who gains spider-powers in the Ultimates continuity. One of the reasons he became so interesting to fans? He wasn’t Peter Parker.

Peter Parker is a beloved character, but he’s also got decades of history and multiple film and cartoon attempts behind him. Peter is also a Caucasian science nerd, which isn’t exactly unusual when it comes to the superhero world. Miles, by contrast, still has plenty of backstory to explore, comes from a African American and Puerto Rican background, and has some complicated family dynamics, since he’s related to a villain or two.

When Sony and Marvel announced that they were rebooting the Spider-Man franchise on the big screen to fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there was plenty of outcry from fans that the studios should give Miles a chance in the spotlight, perhaps with his voice from the animated series, Donald Glover, in the role. With Miles in high school and Glover now in his thirties, however, that wouldn’t be feasible, even if the studios hadn’t gone with Peter Parker again. Glover does also have a role in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, making him playing an unlikely candidate to ever step into the Spidey tights.

Sony is still releasing an animated feature for Miles Morales though, and with the launch of their very own shared universe (independent from the MCU), there’s still a chance fans could be seeing the character in live-action sooner than we think. With Glover out of the running and Miles’ popularity on the rise, we’ve collected 15 Actors Who Could Play Miles Morales.

15. Shameik Moore

Shameik Moore In The Get Down Spider Man: 15 Actors Who Could Play Miles Morales

Like Donald Glover, Shameik Moore already has a connection to Miles Morales. He’s been cast as the voice of Miles for Sony’s animated feature starring the character, which should land in 2018. If the producers trust him to get the voice of Miles just right, we know he can bring the character’s personality to life in live-action as well.

The downside? He’s on the older end of the actors on this list, and if Sony and Marvel are interested in getting a teenager to play the role for years, as they’ve done with Tom Holland, he might be out of luck.

Like a lot of the actors coming up on the list, Moore is primarily known for his work in a handful of projects, sporting a resume that has yet to feature that one career-defining role. In his case, those roles are in the critically acclaimed Dope and The Get Down. With The Get Down having just been canceled by Netflix, Moore will definitely have a little time in his schedule for the demands of a superhero movie.

14. Jordan Fisher

Jordan Fisher in Grease Live Spider Man: 15 Actors Who Could Play Miles Morales

Jordan Fisher’s first roles came to him from tween projects on television. After appearing in an episode of iCarly for Nickelodeon, Fisher became a Disney staple. He recurred on Liv and Maddie most recently, but also cut a rug in the Teen Beach movies. Having that dance experience is a plus for a character who spends a lot of time jumping, climbing, and simply running around with a mask on his face.

Fisher has also worked both sides of the genre spectrum, appearing in dramas like Teen Wolf and the musical Grease: Live as well. He’s got the experience to bring teenage Miles to life in the halls of a high school, or on the street going up against bad guys in a dramatic action sequence.

Fisher did just recently make his Broadway debut in Hamilton. His run in the hit musical ended in March, but with the actor also pursuing a music and stage career, nailing him down to a movie schedule might prove difficult.