Mile 22 Final Trailer: Mark Wahlberg Gets Things Done

The final trailer for Mark Wahlberg's action-packed Mile 22 has been released. Directed by Peter Berg, Mile 22 centers around a tactical-command unit who attempts to extract information from a police officer who says his country is planning an attack on the United States.

Wahlberg has come a long way since his time touring with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. He began acting around the time the group called it quits in 1993 and has grown to become an A-list star. Wahlberg can act in seemingly all genres of films, ranging from boxing movies to films with giant robots, or even a talking teddy bear. Mile 22 reunites Wahlberg with director Peter Berg for the fourth time, following their collaborations on the true story-based dramatic thrillers Lone SurvivorDeepwater Horizon, and Patriots Day. While Mile 22 is not inspired by real-life events, the film's trailer suggest it will be just as action-heavy and suspenseful as Berg and Wahlberg's previous movies together.

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The final trailer was dropped by STX Entertainment today and shows CIA operative James Silva (Wahlberg) and his team getting things done. The stakes are high in the film; as the trailer explains, Silva's team is the last line of defense - and if they fail, there won't be anybody to fix their mistake. Based on the trailers, Mile 22 will have more than its fair share of firefights, car chases, and explosions, along with at least one big scene of hand-to-hand combat carried out by The Raid's Iko Uwais. The movie's final trailer may only be around a minute and a half long, but it packs a punch in a short amount of time.

The cast for Mile 22 includes Ronda Rousey, Lauren Cohan, and John Malkovich, in addition to the aforementioned Wahlberg and Uwais. Movies starring Wahlberg are by no means a guaranteed box office success (see The Gambler, for case in point), but the studios behind Mile 22 seem pretty confident in the film. In fact, STX has reportedly begun development on a sequel to Mile 22 already, with an eye on expanding it into a franchise.

With Mile 22 having a smaller budget than most other Hollywood blockbusters, it may well end up leading to an entire series of films - so long as the first installment doesn't outright flop at the box office. Mile 22's release date was recently pushed back two weeks to mid-August, which means the film will now face the long delayed prehistoric adventure Alpha - rather than Disney's Christopher Robin - during its opening weekend. In the grand scheme of things, that move should serve Mile 22 well.

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Mile 22 opens in U.S. theaters next month on Friday, August 17.

Source: STX Entertainment

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