Few people would sit down with Mike Tyson and tell him he is wrong. He could say the Earth is flat and most of us would just agree to protect our health. Recently, Leonard Maltin discussed the Oscars with Tyson, resulting in some intriguing opinions from the former boxing champion.

Tyson plays the pretentious movie critic perfectly – accentuating his natural comedic touch. He essentially plays himself as an overly confident movie buff who clearly hasn’t paid attention to movies over the past year. His counterpart, Leonard Maltin, takes his interview seriously enough to keep us laughing – even when Tyson is off camera.

More importantly, Tyson proves he is not a one-hit wonder after his cameo in The Hangover. He does have a great sense of comedic timing and self-deprecating humor to keep his intimidating personality a light-hearted affair.

Watch the Funny or Die video and enjoy Mike Tyson’s unique predictions for the Oscars. The video is slightly NSFW.

The best comment comes right at the start of the video when Tyson confidently explains why Halle Berry and Avatar deserve to walk home with Academy Awards. How can you say no to him?

Few aspects of Mike Tyson’s colorful personality are more hilarious than his use of large words. Simple comments like “[Halle Berry] was stupefying” are funny enough to make the entire video worth a watch. Tyson’s insight into Mark Wahlberg’s ability to fend for himself in the real world is a classic moment as well.

Tyson’s past is checkered, but he has truly opened up over the last few years and found it within himself to poke fun at his own personality. It’s nice to see him take to the cameras, even if it is at the expense of self-promotion for his film, The Pigeon Whisperer. The clip at the end is proof of this year’s true Oscars snub.

Source: Funny or Die

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