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Here's a full cast and character guide for the Mike Tyson Mysteries cartoon series. Aqua Teen Hunger Force was Adult Swim's first big success, and the long-running animated series would set the template for much of their programming. The show centered around a trio of sentient fast food products and their often bizarre adventures. The show would run for eleven seasons and earned a movie spinoff with Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters.

Adult Swim has cornered the market in surreal comedy shows ever since ranging from Robot Chicken to The Eric Andre Show and their unforgettable Too Many Cooks short. Arguably their most famous - and acclaimed - series is Rick And Morty. This sci-fi comedy follows a genius, immoral scientist as he and his terrified grandson hope from planet to planet on adventures that often turn dark, violent, and existential. The Mike Tyson Mysteries debuted on the network in 2014 and as the title suggests, the show follows retired boxer Mike Tyson as he investigates the strange mysteries that come his way.

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Mike Tyson has increasingly moved towards acting over the last decade, featuring in movies like The Hangover and Ip Man 3. The Mike Tyson Mysteries is truly a unique Adult Swim oddity, presenting him as a detective with an animation style reminiscent of Scooby-Doo. The show also makes it clear Tyson isn't afraid to laugh at himself, and he's surrounded by an equally bizarre set of supporting characters. Here's a quick breakdown of the cast and characters of Mike Tyson Mysteries.

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Mike Tyson (Himself)

The show follows Tyson as he solves - or often fails to solve - the cases that come his way. In the first episode, for instance, he helps author Cormac McCarthy (No Country For Old Men) investigate the Chupacabra attacking his ranch. The series often depicts Tyson as a complete idiot who gets confused easily or misunderstands what he's being told, and he resorts to violence when angered. He raises carrier pigeons who bring him the mysteries he investigates.

Rachel Ramras - Yung Hee Tyson

Mike's adopted daughter Yung - whose name he often mispronounces - was left on his doorstep by her biological parents. Mike home-schooled Yung and she's often considered the brains of the mystery team. She has a violent hatred of Pigeon.

Norm Macdonald - Pigeon

Pigeon was a man transformed into his current form after being cursed by his ex-wife Sandra for cheating on her. He's an alcoholic sex addict, but despite being taken along on every mystery, he often contributes nothing to help solve them. Pigeon belittles and makes fun of the whole team, though occasionally he shows signs of having a soul being the cynicism.

Jim Rash - Marquess of Queensberry

The ghost of real-life Marquess of Queensberry John Douglas is also part of the Mike Tyson Mysteries team. He's a polite, well-spoken gent who is also somewhat cowardly and alcoholic, and he and Pigeon loathe one another.

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