Why Did The Mike & Mike Show Come To An End?

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They entertained sports fans for over seventeen years so why did the Mike & Mike show come to an end? This radio show paired sports anchor Mike Greenberg with former NFL defensive lineman Mike Golic. Their show debuted on ESPN Radio in 2000 as Mike & Mike In The Morning and quickly became a fan favorite thanks to the fun banter between the co-hosts. Greenberg and Golic often held opposing views on numerous topics, which made for lively - and occasionally - heated debate.

Popular segments on the Mike & Mike show included "Sheets Of Integrity" wager, an annual bracket wager on the NCAA basketball tournament. The loser would have to perform a humiliating prank as punishment, such as Greenberg milking a cow live on-air. The duo also appeared in a handful of movie and TV shows like Just Wright and Valentine's Day, and in 2016 they were inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame, alongside the likes of Larry King and Steve Harvey. In spite of their consistent ratings and popularity, it was confirmed in 2017 Mike Greenberg was leaving to host a new morning television show called Get Up!, and Golic would be joined by Trey Wingo for a new radio series dubbed Golic and Wingo.

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The Mike & Mike show came to an end in November 2017 with the duo paying an emotional farewell to the series. Of course, fans were upset about the show suddenly coming to an end, and there were reports the co-hosts were no longer getting along while working together. Golic later revealed he was somewhat blindsided by the decision when his bosses informed him, with ESPN apparently feeling Greenberg and Golic's new shows would be successful on their own terms.

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Mike & Mike ending also capped off something of a turbulent period for ESPN, which included multiple staff layoffs and former president John Skipper suddenly leaving following issues with substance addiction. Golic also hinted there was some tension with his co-host Greenberg following the news since he had no idea he wanted to move to the television side of ESPN. Greenberg himself would later state the decision wasn't his either and expressed disappointment the duo didn't have the chance to break the news to their audience first.

Whatever the truth of their working relationship was during the end of Mike & Mike, both men insist they parted on good terms and remain friends. Golic also claims his new show Golic and Wingo, which also features his son Mike Golic Jr. has been rejuvenating for him. Mike & Mike ending was a sad day for sports fans but they had a great 17 year run together.

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