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With 12 issues in the series, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic reboot by Boom! Studios is officially over a year old. Writer Kyle Higgins has developed a new Rangers' world that is pointedly centered around Tommy Oliver and the Green Ranger. So far, that story has been compelling - leading readers into a world where the Rangers are currently run out of their base and Zordon has been defeated by Rita and her minions.

For the moment, Billy and Tommy have been sucked into an alternate reality - a reality where all the Rangers have been defeated or killed at the hands of Lord Drakkon. In issue #11, Lord Drakkon's true identity was revealed to the pair as alternate-Tommy. Having dealt with Rita's mental pestering and now looking at a face that is a mirror image of his own, Tommy continues to struggle with what his purpose in his Rangers' realm might be - friend or foe?

In issue #12, Higgins takes the time to explain how this alternate reality came about, how Lord Drakkon and Rita came into power, what's happening to this Earth, and how can Billy and Tommy possibly prevent it from happening in their own reality. The two biggest reveals in this issue: Alternate-Tommy purposefully became the villain Lord Drakkon, and that he has slain the alternate Red Ranger.

We had a chance to speak with Kyle Higgins about these revelations and what else might be in-store for these characters and readers:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Tommy and Billy meet Lord DrakkonMighty Morphin Power Rangers - Tommy and Billy meet Lord Drakkon
Tommy and Billy meet Lord Drakkon

Lord Drakkon has a significantly different army than Rita. Will readers learn more about them during this run (names, origins, abilities, etc...) or will they be more like “Stormtroopers” -- there, but not given any significant backstory?

KYLE HIGGINS: The important members of his army, yeah. You’ll learn more about them. But, by and large, he’s a numbers guy. As we’ll see in future issues, the army of Sentries at his command is pretty darn vast.

Lord Drakkon and his victory exists on an alternate Earth. If the Falconzord is present, could we see other Zords or even other Rangers make an appearance before this run is over, or is that a story element you plan on exploring next volume?

KYLE HIGGINS: It’s possible, yeah. We’re going to start getting into the makeup of The Coinless in issue 13, which is essentially our “Resistance” in this alternate timeline.

The color scheme of this alternate Earth looks devoid of the bright colors normally associated with the Power Rangers - sticking mainly to grays, whites and greens. Was that a conscious decision as you were writing or did it develop during the illustrating phase with [Hendry] Prasetya and [Matt] Herms?

KYLE HIGGINS: That was a conscious choice, yeah. I don’t know that I ever noted that to Hendry and Matt, but they’re both so good they picked up on what we were trying to do with this slightly dystopian, unstable future world.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Lord Drakkon commands his army
Lord Drakkon commands his army

Even though you gave significant backstory to Rita overthrowing world leadership, Lord Drakkon is clearly in charge. Where has Rita gone in this conquered Earth?

KYLE HIGGINS: That’s an EXCELLENT question, and one you’ll need to keep reading to find out.

During the Fall of the Rangers backstory, you briefly address “allies, new and old”, giving a nod to the different Rangers familiar to readers. Any plans to dig deeper into that or bring those versions of Rangers over into our Earth?

KYLE HIGGINS: Not exactly. I mean, if we ever do a big story that fleshes out that battle, then yeah. But as for bringing those versions of the Rangers to our Earth, I don’t have any plans for that.

To my knowledge, a sitting Ranger has never fallen in battle; yet, on this alternate Earth it’s implied that Jason was slain by Tommy. Was it a difficult decision to kill off an “original” Ranger, even if was an alternate one?

KYLE HIGGINS: No decisions are hard if they’re in service of a compelling story. Hopefully Alt-Jason’s death will be viewed in that light!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Falconzord destroys one of Lord Drakkon's monsters
Falconzord destroys one of Lord Drakkon's monsters

As with many ongoing comic series, issue #12 leaves with a cliffhanger and many unanswered questions: Who are the Coinless? Where has alternate-Rita gone? Where did Lord Drakkon get his army? Where are the rest of the alternate-Rangers and their Zords? No doubt, Higgins will answer many of these questions in upcoming issues, but in the meantime, there is plenty for readers to ponder and speculate.

Did you read issue #12 of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? If so, what are your thoughts on the story thus far?

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