Might Rob Zombie Direct Conan?

Rob Zombie.

I have nothing against the man (well maybe his terrible name, but that's it), so when news broke on Bloody-Disgusting that he was meeting with Lionsgate and Millennium/Nu Image to discuss directing the new Conan film, I didn't have a strong immediate reaction.

Zombie is known mainly for his very loud music and directing the horror films: House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects and the remake/re-imagining/reboot/rehash of Halloween.

He's a strange choice for sure, but I think that might be an indication of the direction the producers are taking the film.

The new film is currently in the prepping stages and no director has been officially announced yet. According to Aintitcool, Zombie hasn't signed for the film, and the producers have been meeting with other directors as well, so we will see if they like the "cut of his jib".

I feel that if the producers are meeting with Zombie then they are obviously looking to make a violent and gory epic, in the mold of 300. I wonder how long they'll keep that approach - in the end it'll probably end up being a kid friendly cartoon.

But if it doesn't end up kid-friendly, this all seems like good news to me: The original Conan film was a violent and iconic movie that went on to launch the career of Ralf Moeller... whoops, sorry, that was the short lived television series. I will however hold back on my excitement until Millennium/ Nu Image (which, speaking of bad names, who the hell names a company Millennium/ Nu Image?!) announce who will be playing Conan.

I'll keep you posted if Zombie makes the grade or I might just let you know that Brett Ratner has signed up for directing duties.

Now wouldn't that be funny?

Sources: Bloody-Disgusting & Aintitcool

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