Mid-Week Movie News Wrap Up - Oct. 9, 2008

Welcome to yet another jam-packed, news filled installment of the Mid-Week Movie News Wrap Up.

This week: Kevin Costner may play ball again; Tim Burton may helm Pirates of The Carribbean 4; David Cronenberg is Bourne again (kind of); we check out the helmer of 28 Months Later and Bill Murray talks Ghostbusters 3 and you can see Prince of Peace - God of War for free.

1. Kevin Costner may make his first ever sequel. Maybe.

Producer Thom Mount has stated that he has a script in development that is a sequel to 1980's baseball classic Bull Durham. The film was one of Costner's most successful (critically at least) films and it co-starred Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.

Mount says that no cast has yet signed on, but there is a slim chance that Costner and company may return. If not, I wouldn't be surprised if Kurt Russell stars - as he was originally in the frame for the lead role, but the studio went for the more box office friendly Costner.

Source: Moviehole

2. Cinema Blend has a scoop that says that Tim Burton may be in the frame to replace Gore Verbinski in the director's chair for the fourth instalment of The Pirates of the Caribbean.

Although Verbinski is set to return, apparently Burton is ready to make Jack Sparrow gothic if he decides that fourth time isn't a charm.

It seems unlikely - but Johnny Depp and Burton have a special relationship, and I'm sure Burton would consider it, if he was asked. He's also currently shooting Alice In Wonderland for "the house of the mouse". Also, he didn't say no to Planet of the Apes so why would he not consider a Depp movie with Pirates and other wierd stuff.

I hope this isn't so, as it would seem like a backward step for Burton.

Source: Cinema Blend

3. David Cronenberg is pondering directing duties on The Matarese Circle. The film is based on a novel by Bourne Identity novelist Robert Ludlum. The pic is due to star Denzel Washington.

It sounds a bit too mainstream for Cronenberg - but then again, so did The Fly.

I saw A History of Violence recently, I must say that I wasn't impressed.

Source: Variety

4. The unlikely "Days Later" franchise has nabbed a director for a third instalment of Zombie action. Paul Andrew Williams will helm 28 Months Later. the follow-up to 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later. See what they did there? I can't wait for 28 Years Later.

Source: Arrow In The Head

5. Coming Soon got talking to Bill Murray about Ghostbusters 3, and the star seemed quite open to returning to the franchise. However it does all depend on the script. I'm guessing the paycheck is important too!

This is what went down at the interview:

Q: You play a hero in "Ghostbusters" and a villain in this movie. Is it more fun playing a good guy or a bad guy? And what persuaded you to go back for the rumored "Ghostbusters 3"?

Murray: Well, you're way ahead of me, but that's okay. There's someone trying to write a script for another "Ghostbusters" movie. There's two fellows from "The Office" that are writing a script, but I have yet to see it. And I'm more involved with, you know, trying to get the dessert we order at lunch than I am with the new "Ghostbusters" sequel. (Laughter) But it's possible. It's a great idea that they hired these two guys to do it, 'cause I think it could be a fresh look at it. And it could be funny. We did a sequel and it was rather unsatisfying for me, because the first one to me was 'the goods.' It was the real thing, and the sequel, you know, it was a few years later, and there was an idea pitched. They got us all together in a room. We just laughed for a couple of hours, and then they said, "What if we did another one? Here's an idea these guys have got." So they had this idea, but it didn't turn out to be the idea when I arrived on the set. They'd written a whole different movie. And the special effects guys got their hands on it, and it was just not the same movie. There were a few great scenes in it, but it wasn't the same movie. So there's never been an interest in a third "Ghostbusters" 'cause the second one was kind of disappointing, for me, anyway. But the third one could happen.

But you asked me a question about bein' a bad guy and a good guy. It's so much easier to be a bad guy. It's a piece a cake. It's a joke. (Laughter) And, you know, I keep saying, "Why do they give Oscars to guys that play bad guys," 'cause it's so simple. Play a good guy some time. That's hard. Play a really, decent good person. That's hard.

Q: So would you go back for "Ghostbusters" again?

Murray: Only if I could play an evil person. (Laughter) No, it's mostly all about the script. I don't have any obligation to the franchise or anyone. If the script were good and I thought we could do it, it'd be fun. But, you know, it's only now that this has ever been a prospect. No one's ever talked about it for a long time, 'cause the second one was the way it was. This is just kind of a clever idea. I think they see that, and the fact that every interview today has asked me about the "Ghostbusters" movie--every single person--means that there is some interest for it. You think you're talking about the "City of Ember," but I've answered as many questions about the "Ghostbusters" as I have about… well, not as many, but, I mean, on every single one. So there's interest in it.

You really have to love how the interviewer shoe-horned Ghostbusters in to that first question. He must have been up all night working on that. I'm also thinking that there was a bet around the Comingsoon office as to whether he would have the stones to ask it or not.

Source: Comingsoon

6. Prince of Peace - God of War, a documentary by John Campea (who runs is now available free online. The film got some kudos on the festival circuit and I'm sure that it will excite and divide people with an equal amount of passion. You can check it out here.

It's like, free - so why not. That's the beauty of film in the digital age - it can reach everyone.

That's it for another week - see you at the movies!

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