Mid-Week Movie News Wrap Up - Oct. 30, 2008

Another week means another jammed-packed Mid Weekend Movie News Wrap Up.

This week:

Mel Gibson returns from the Edge; Iron Man goes Halloween; Jack Ryan may have two-faces; Elvis goes to hell and we bite down on some R-rated Pie.

1. Have you heard the one about the Movie Star and the Sheriff's department? Me too.

However having said that here's the first pic of Mel Gibson in Martin Campbell's (Casino Royale) Edge of Darkness.

mel gibson in edge of darkness

Mel, it has been way too long. Give ‘em hell Mel!

Source: Moviehole

2. Here at Screen Rant the guys love Iron Man - I'm ashamed to say that I haven't seen it yet, however now that it's on DVD that should change. Anything Iron Man is cool here - so imagine how excited Vic and the gang got when this Halloween image hit the web:

They went Stark-raving mad!

Source (and more pictures): Pumpkin Gutter via Great White Snark

3. Now that Sam Raimi has jumped ship from the new Jack Ryan movie - word on the street is that Harvey Dent - Aaron Eckhart himself is in the running for the role that was once played by such illustrious actors as Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin.

Good choice. Beats the hell out of James Franco. I'm guessing that those people who had a fit over a blond Bond Daniel Craig will be petitioning Paramount - but guess what? They don't know ...Ryan!

Source: Moviehole

4. Paul Giamatti has told Aint It Cool that Bruce Campbell will not be returning to Elvis' jewel encrusted jumpsuit for Bubba Nosferatu. Don't worry though, that other bastion of geek love; Hellboy himself Ron Perlman will play The King in the Horror comedy sequel.

Giamatti will play Colonel Parker in the film, as well as producing the Dan Cosacarelli directed sequel to Bubba Ho-Tep.

Talk about a Hunka Hunka Burning Love!

Source: AICN

5. Now that R rated comedy is all the rage it would appear that Universal Pictures want to unleash more Pie. American Pie that is. I must admit - I have a soft spot for the Pie films (please don't take that out of context, my folks read this - sometimes). I first saw American Pie waaay back in 1999 when I first went off to University (College for you American folks) and I hold the franchise very dear to my heart.

No plot is set yet - or cast for that matter - but you can bet your ass (or any other body part) that Eugene Levy will return.

When will this new... ahem... entry come? Who knows, but like Jason Bigg's Jim, it should be quite soon.

Source: Moviehole

That's it for another week. See you at the movies.

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