Mid-Week Movie News Wrap Up - Nov. 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving folks.

This weeks Mid Week Movie News Wrap Up features:

Steven Seagal goes to TV; Vera Farmiga joins the mile high club; Twilight stars get a pay raise and Jean Claude Van Damme's career really must be Expendable!

1. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Steven Seagal will star in his own reality TV show- but get this: He fights crime!!

Steven Seagal: Lawman sees the pony-tailed one as a real life deputy fighting crime and capturing criminals in New Orleans.

I'm not making this up. The show will air on the A&E Network.

Source: Variety

2. Vera Farmiga will co-star will George Clooney in Jason (son of Ivan) Reitman's Up In The Air. The film is an adaptation of Walter Kin's novel and has the following plot:

"A human resources exec whose only joy in life comes from the prospect of notching his millionth frequent-flyer mile, a goal he pursues with zeal as the rest of his life falls apart because he is constantly on the road."

Farmiga will be Clooney's love interest.

Source: Variety

3. When do you know that your life has changed? When you get paid $10 million more for a sequel to your first hit film. Twilight stars Robert Pattinson, and Kristin Stewart will both be paid $12 million for New Moon - the sequel to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight.

The first film was produced at a cost of $37 million and grossed a staggering $70 million when it opened last weekend.

Source: Chicago Sun Times

4. Clint over at Moviehole got a scoop stating that Dolph Lundgren wasn't the first choice for Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables . Apparently Jean Claude Van Damme turned down the role and Sly went to Lundgren as his second choice.

The reason Van Damme rejected the film?

He doesn't like to share screen time.

Jean Claude - are you kidding?

Word on the street is that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been offered a role, but the chances of him appearing in the film are slim.

However, you never know!

Source: Moviehole

That's it for now - see you at the movies.

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