Mid-Week Movie News Wrap Up - Nov. 20, 2008

Yep, it really is that time of the week again.

This week:

Harrison Ford talks Indy 5; we check out Johnny Depp in Alice In Wonderland; Jonah Hex is in trouble; John Carpenter is a Prince; and The X-Files' Frank Spotnitz plans 2012.

1. Harrison Ford has discussed Indiana Jones 5 with MTV and It looks like the film is moving ahead - albeit slowly.

Ford had the following chin-wag with MTV:

MTV: Is a fifth Indiana Jones film inevitable?

Ford: I don't know. If we come up with a good idea...

MTV: Is the ball in George's court at this point?

Ford: It is. That's the process. With some general input he goes off and searches for the MacGuffin and then stumbles into a story. And at some point we have a chance to take a look at and give some input.

MTV: And he hasn't found the MacGuffin yet?

Ford: No, we're still in the primary stages.

MTV: The end of the last film leaves your character in a very intriguing position. He has a wife and a kid. Can he still be that man of adventure with those commitments?

Ford: And he's seen something. Remember those are the only witness to what he's seen. That's kind of interesting.

It looks like we may just see Indiana Jones one last time.

I must say that I watched Kingdom of the Crystal Skull again on DVD and it was far better on that second viewing. The CGI moments that irked me originally hardly annoyed be on the second go around.

Source: MTV

2. Like Johnny Depp? Wanna see what he might look like in Tim Burton's forthcoming adaptation of Alice in Wonderland (maybe, this is most likely a fake)?

He looks like Johnny Depp in a Tim Burton movie. Like we've never seen that before.

Source: Just Jared

3. It looked like Josh Brolin was all set to star in the film version of Jonah Hex. However, it now looks like there is No Movie For Old Men as Mark Nelvedine and Brian Taylor have left the directors chair(s) for the film. The oft cited creative differences have been mentioned as the reason.

A Spring start is a certainty as the studio want to keep "the hot" Brolin on board. I mean hot as in hot property., hot. However, I'm sure a few female Screen Ranters would disagree.

Source: Variety

4. John Carpenter seems to be trying to match Ridley Scott as a direcor with a bucket-load of films attached to his name. We already know about Riot (aka Scared Straight) with Nic Cage, but now CHUD has some news on a new gangster  called The Prince.

According to the films co-writer Jeremy Passmore:

"We [Passmore and co-writer Andre Fabrizio] were trying to do Unforgiven as a gangster movie, because we're both just huge fans of that.

It's a bit of a departure. It's definitely more of a very character based crime movie. I don't know what's going on with it right now, but the premise is that this guy was the most [badass] gangster of all time in Las Vegas, and he's left the life and created this whole new world. His wife died but he's raising his kid. He's living in the middle of nowhere and he's this very religious, trying to live a straight life guy. His daughter is now going to school at UCLA and she disappears, and he goes looking for her. The trail leads to Vegas and he has to go get her, and the entire city kind of comes down on top of him."

Sounds odd for Carpenter, but don't forget that his cinematic hero was Howard Hawks - master of all genres and director of the original Scarface.

Source: CHUD

5. X-Files fans - there is more news out there on a third film in the franchise.

Producer/ Writer of the recent I Want To Believe Fran Spotnitz has stated (again) that a new film depends on the DVD sales of the film.

He has also hinted that the film will focus on the 2012 invasion story hinted during the series.

Spotnitz said:

"As you know the date of December 2012 is an important one in The X-Files, and I'd like to focus on that."

It's interesting, but I'd have loved to have seen a series of stand-alone X-Files movies that offer a good batch of thrills to adults and not kids.

However, having said that - "never look a gift horse in the mouth".

Source: Sci-Fi Movie Page

That's it for now. See you at the movies.

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