Mid-Week Movie News Wrap Up - Jan. 1, 2009

2009 is finally here. It's hard to believe that millennium fever was a decade ago - how time flies when you're having fun! Don't worry though, things may change... but Screen Rant delivers another Mid Week Movie News Wrap Up.

This week:

Thomas Jane is one of The Devil's Commandos; Dennis Quaid is a Horseman; we make a date with the Basterds; Clive Owen visits Cartagena and Martin Scorsese spends some time under The Boardwalk. with Michael Pitt.

1. Fanboy favorite Thomas Jane will star in and direct Devil's Commandos. The film will be written by comic book artist Tim Bradstreet and Todd Farmer (The Messengers). According to Farmer:

"Devil's Commandos is about a WWII commando unit sent on a rescue mission. Pretty straight forward. Except for the part where hell opens up and they have to fight Satan's army."

I officially declare 2009 The Year of The Man On A Mission Movie.

Seriously though, this sounds pretty cool. The film will be shot in 3D. Check out the early poster art below.

Devil's Commandos poster

Source: Shock Till You Drop

2. As a fan of Dennis Quaid, I look forward to pretty much everything that he stars in (Except maybe Yours and Mine). The Horsemen is a forthcoming thriller from "The Quaid" that follows a cop who discovers that the serial killer case he is working on is connected to The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Confused? Go read a Bible after you check out the international poster below.

The Horsemen international poster

Source: Joblo

3. Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds will open on August 21, 2009.

The film will premiere at Cannes in May and then undoubtedly ride a wave of publicity through the summer months. The film stars an unknown actor by the name of Brad Pitt. You might have read something about him somewhere.

Source: Empire

4. Clive Owen will star in Cartagena. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Clive Owen and Mark Cuban are heading to Colombia.

"Cartagena centers on an undercover agent who gets caught in a complex plot and must elude drug dealers and international agents if he hopes to survive. The project is named for a city on Colombia's northern coast that has a colorful history featuring wars, robust economic activity and tourist development."

Michael Ross will write the screenplay.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

5. Michael Pitt will star opposite Steve Buscemi in Martin Scorsese's drama pilot Boardwalk Empire. According to The Hollywood Reoprter:

The story centers on Nucky Johnson (Buscemi), a cunning businessman who runs a liquor distribution ring at the onset of Prohibition, and Jimmy Darmody (Pitt), a young, highly intelligent and ruthless WWI veteran, a low-level flunky for Nucky who wants to quickly climb the ladder."

The 1920's set show is produced by Scorsese, Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

That's it for now folks. See you at the movies!

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