Midway Teaser Trailer: Roland Emmerich Makes a Real War Film

Ed Skrein and Luke Kleintank in Midway 2019

A teaser trailer has arrived for Roland Emmerich's Midway. Emmerich, of course, is best known for having wreaked havoc on the world in films like Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012. Every so often, however, the director likes to take a break from the CGI pyrotechnics and try his hand at a comparatively grounded period piece. Among the topics he's tackled so far are the American Revolutionary War (The Patriot), the 1969 Stonewall protests (Stonewall), and the conspiracy theories about who really wrote William Shakespeare's plays (Anonymous).

With Miday, Emmerich turns his attention to WWII and the Battle of Midway, an important turning point in the Pacific Theater (the theater of the war between the Allies and Japanese Empire). The movie is led by a star-studded cast that includes Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Mandy Moore, and Luke Evans, in addition to Woody Harrelson, Dennis Quad, and Aaron Eckhart. Now, with the summer movie season underway, Lionsgate is getting the film's marketing campaign up and running.

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The teaser trailer for Midway is now online, and will presumably debut in theaters over the forthcoming weeks. You can check it out in the space below.

Even with the historical setting, the Midway trailer looks and feels like a preview for one of Emmerich's disaster thrillers. In-between the glimpses of explosion-heavy aerial and naval battles (starting with the bombing of Pearl Harbor), the trailer introduces Wilson as Lieutenant Commander Edwin T. Layton, in addition to Skrein as Lieutenant Dick Best, a dive-bombing Navy pilot, and Moore as his wife, Anne. The titular battle was previously dramatized in 1976's Midway, which similarly featured a big-name cast led by Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda, and James Coburn, among others. However, judging by the trailer, Emmerich's take on the event will hew closer to Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor, in terms of its melodramatic tone and loud spectacle.

When it comes to his period dramas, Emmerich has a pretty underwhelming track record. The Patriot was a modest success, but Anonymous was largely ignored at the box office and Stonewall came up heavy critical fire for white-washing a major event in LGBTQ history. Midway mostly looks like a generic, but harmlessly overblown WWII movie so far, but it might be best to wait and see how the film portrays its Japanese characters before making that call. Either way, it has a fight ahead of itself, when it open during what's shaping up to be a very competitive frame this November.

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Source: Lionsgate

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