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The show has long been a staple on British TV but here's where U.S. fans can find Midsomer Murders season 20 online. Midsomer Murders is based on the Chief Inspector Barnaby books by author Caroline Graham, and the series follows a detective investigating the numerous grisly murders that occur around the quaint villages of Midsomer. The show features some surprisingly gruesome deaths served with a helping of dry humor. The show has been a resounding success for network ITV since the first season aired back in 1997, and name actors like Olivia Colman and Henry Cavill (Justice League) have appeared on the show over the years.

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Midsomer Murders was co-created by Anthony Horowitz, author of the Alex Rider book series and James Bond novels like 2018's Forever And A Day, and the first thirteen seasons featured veteran actor John Nettles as DCI Tom Barnaby. Nettles was later replaced by the character's cousin John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) as the lead. There were fears viewers would lose interest following Nettles' departure but its remained a steady ratings performer for ITV.

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Midsomer Murders season 20 first aired on ITV in March 2019, but for U.S. fans there are numerous options to watch the series. Midsomer Murders season 20 - and the rest of the series - is currently streaming on Acorn TV or BritBox. IMDb TV and The Roku Channel also have the show, but currently lack season 20, and while Netflix USA once had the license Midsomer Murders has since departed the streaming platform.

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There was brief concern about the future of Midsomer Murders during season 20, with the show suddenly disappearing from schedules following the first two episodes. In fact, the entire series landed on Acorn TV and BritBox well before season 20 finished airing its run on ITV in the UK. Those concerns turned out to be unfounded, with the network deciding to treat season 20 as one-off specials they can spread out across the schedule, instead of running the whole series at once.

Midsomer Murders season 21 is already confirmed, so it will continue for the foreseeable future. The show is popular in Denmark too, so Midsomer Murders season 20 featured a returning guest appearance by actress Ann Eleonora Jørgensen, star of the original Danish version of The Killing, which was later remade in the U.S as a series starring Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon) and Mireille Enos. Jørgensen's character Birgitte Poulsen previously appeared in Midsomer Murders 2014 episode "The Killings Of Copenhagen," which was the 100th episode of the series and the first to take place outside the UK.

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