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With the Winter slumber upon the networks, we have to wait until January of 2009 to see new episodes of our favorite shows and what not.  With Screen Rant connoisseurs in mind, I was wondering just what might be coming up out there that would be remotely interesting to us.

Mostly, shows already in progress.

Some are running out their initial series and drifting off into the ethers once again.  Others are plugging on.

There's an occasional new show being inserted into the mix.  I probably missed a few here and there, but I like I said, I'm focused on what we might be watching.

On ABC,Wednesday, January 14Lost (Repeat of previous season finale)

Wednesday, January 21 is dedicated to LostStarting at 8 PMLost Clip ShowLost (Because We Left)Lost (The Lie)

Wednesday, January 28LostLife on Mars

Monday, March 09Castle (Series Premiere)Castle is about a horror novelist that consults with the NYPD.  Eh, I don't know... thougt I'd toss that in there.

Fridays and Sundays will remain unchanged.

On CBS,Friday, January 9th:Ghost WhispererNumb3rs

Thursday, Feb. 12CSIEleventh HourSunday, Feb. 15Daytona 500, 2 PM Eastern*Cold CaseThe Unit* I wouldn't be me if I didn't mention the great American race.  This is what Vic has to put up with me in the mix!

Thursday, April 9CSI(I don't know why every list I have found says CSI twice.  Feb 12th and April 9th.)

On NBC,Monday, January 5Chuck and Heroes return in February.

Tuesday, January 6Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Wednesday, January 7Knight Rider (Closing out it's run.)Law & Order: Special Victims Unit encoresLife returns in February.Law & Order

Thursday, January 8My Name Is EarlER

Friday, January 16Friday Night Lights - NOT a TYPO!Friday Night Lights is kicking in their new season.  Via a shared financial arrangement, DirecTV gets first run of the show, then they let NBC air the new episode.  I'm glad it's back.  I hope this works out for the show.  Jeeze, it's been so long I forgot what was happening on the show.

Saturday, January 10Law & Order and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit encores

Don't forget:Super Bowl XLIII on February 1, 6:15 PM

The CWThursday, January 15SmallvilleSupernatural

Tuesday, March 17Reaper (Yep, that is not a typo.  Reaper returns to The CW)

Of course, I have to toss in that Battlestar Galactica finishes out it's run on The Sci-Fi Channel, starting January 16th.

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