Midnight, Texas Trailer: NBC Does True Blood


There's a new supernatural series coming to the small screen this year, in NBC's upcoming Midnight, Texas. The show is based on the book series of the same name, a trilogy by Charlaine Harris, the same author who wrote the Sookie Stackhouse novels that were adapted into HBO's True Blood. Midnight, Texas has a similarly paranormal premise, and will star Francois Arnaud as Manfred Bernando, a loner and a psychic who finds a home in a small town full of other unusual people. The show will feature monsters, magic, supernatural beings of all kinds, and of course, vampires.

Not much has been revealed about the show since it was first picked up for series last year, but an official trailer should give audiences a clue as to what they're getting into.

The trailer showcases the main cast of characters and their powers. It begins with Manfred's arrival in Midnight, and features title cards reading "In this town, only outsiders fit it." After a quick tour of the town's most important figures and a mention of the love story between Manfred and Creek, the trailer gears up with lots of action scenes and the mention of a prophecy -- that the inhabitants of Midnight will be led into battle by a man who can bridge the living and the dead.

The trailer does a phenomenal job of wrapping up the characters and basic plot of the series, as well as teasing so much more. Fans of this kind of genre TV will recognize elements that have been featured in previous series; the evil being drawn to Midnight is reminiscent of Buffy The Vampire Slayer's Hellmouth, several magical creatures are reminiscent of True Blood and Supernaturaland Manfred himself has quite a bit in common with the titular character of Constantine.


Of course, some may wonder if Midnight, Texas has enough to distinguish it from all the other similar series -- both Supernatural and the brutally violent Preacher are currently covering the mystic-monster genre quite well, and Constantine failed to get the audience that it needed to avoid cancellation. However, Midnight, Texas does have the draw of existing book fans to count on, and it looks like NBC will be making the most of the True Blood connection to try and bring in viewers.

Midnight, Texas premiers July 25 on NBC

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Source: Midnight, Texas YouTube

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