Midnight, Texas Interview: New York Comic Con 2018

Midnight, Texas is a supernatural drama series broadcast on NBC.  It is based on the book series of the same name written by Charlaine Harris, the author of Southern Vampire Mysteries, which became True Blood.  François Arnaud plays Manfred Bernardo, a psychic who moves to Midnight trying to outrun trouble.  Dylan Bruce plays Bobo Winthrop, the owner of Midnight Pawn and Manfred’s new landlord.  Parisa Fitz-Henley plays Fiji Cavanaugh, a witch who owns a local magic shop and is friends with Bobo.  Peter Mensah plays Lemuel "Lem" Bridger, a vampire who came to Midnight in the 1950s and never left.  Arielle Kebbel plays Olivia Charity, a mysterious freelance assassin and Lem’s lover.  The second season of Midnight, Texas premieres on October 26, 2018.

Screen Rant: Alright guys. We're here at New York Comic Con 2018, we're closing it out strong with the cast of Midnight, Texas. Guys, how are ya doing? How is New York treating you?

Dylan Bruce: We're awesome.

Arielle Kebbel: New York, New York.

SR: So, it's a fun convention. It's not like San Diego, it's really kind of laid back for you guys. So I gotta ask coming up on our second season, how many episodes can we expect so far?

Arielle Kebbel: The key word was so far. We are hoping for thirteen more!

SR: Yeah, me too!       

Parisa-Fitz Henley: But nine this season.

SR: So you've shot nine already? In the can?

ALL: Yes

Parisa-Fitz Henley: We just wrapped.

SR: Nice. Nice. Well you guys got two additional cast members this season. Let's talk about them. We got Nestor Carbonell and Jamie Rey-Newman joining the cast. Now how is he going to affect the Midnighters? Without giving any spoilers away...

Dylan Bruce: I don't really interact with them very much.

Francois Arnaud: Well I do. All of us are sort of suspicious of Nestor's character because he may or may not have the ability to heal supernaturals from their power and just make them normal human beings again. And you know that can be a positive and that can be attractive for some of blend in...and fit in. But also, for someone like Manfred who just found a new family and people to fight for and that root for him...I hope he doesn't make that choice. I hope he keeps his ability to swallow up ghosts.

Arielle Kebbel: Olivia doesn't like him.

SR: Olivia doesn't like him...okay.

Parisa-Fitz Henley: Fiji's suspicious. She doesn't like them and they're encroaching on her territory.

Arielle Kebbel: And that whole Southern accent thing, what is that? [Laughs] Listen I'm from Florida, I can say that.

SR: Okay. Now we did take to Twitter to ask some fans some dying questions they have for you. Francois we are going to start with you. Manfred is the view of the audience into the bizarre, supernatural town of Midnight. Now that he's accepted his surroundings and allies, how will he grow in season 2?

Francois Arnaud: He will grow into a threat to...other people... He'll threaten to kill all of them.

ALL: [Laughs]

SR: Well that one was from @jezzerreyes on Twitter. Arielle, last scene Lem gave Olivia the vampire blood, how will this complicate their relationship?

Arielle Kebbell: Isn't marriage complicated enough? That's my answer. Do you want to chime in?

Peter Mensah/Lem: Yeah. Lem now is psychically connected to Olivia so, he tends to feel everything she feels.

Arielle Kebbell: Well not tends...he does...

Peter Mensah: Okay. He feels everything she feels...which at first was great...because obviously I can, he can anticipate what she needs. But as we know most relationships require a little bit of privacy in order to work. So they have some issues to work out.

Arielle Kebbell: He can read my every thought and that can be complicated.

SR: And that can be complicated for any marriage as well. The next is from @battlestargablactica Where are Fiji and Bobo at the beginning of season 2? And what will be their biggest challenge?

Dylan Bruce: Where are Fiji and Bobo at the beginning of season 2? They are floating and having sex with each other at the beginning of season 2.

Arielle Kebbell: That's true!

Dylan Bruce: The biggest challenge is to keep my core muscles strong to continue to float. [Laughs] No, but the biggest challenge is that the honeymoon stage doesn't last long for any relationship and it certainly doesn't last long for Fiji and Bobo and it goes to a very interesting place and I'm very excited for the fans to see it.

SR: One hundred percent that's a reason to tune in...just floating and having sex. One hundred percent reason.

Arielle Kebbell: I mean have you seen these beautiful people?

Parisa-Fitz Henley: It's not all his core strength by the way; it's also my magic.

SR: So this one's for you. Fiji has come to grasp with her potential in season one. How much more powerful will she become in the second season?

Parisa-Fitz Henley: In the second season we get to find things out about Fiji that she had no clue about. That opens up an entire world of powers and challenges to her and the rest of the town. Quite a lot to deal with.

SR: Amazing.

Parisa-Fitz Henley: It gets dark.

SR: I'm sure. So Peter, @Krankycupcakes wants to know. Lem and Olivia are newlyweds, how will the psychic connection affect them in season 2 and what challenges will they face?

Peter Mensah: What challenges? Newly married he unfortunately is dead because he's a vampire and she's human, they have a few issues to work out anyways... Just a little bit. So, there's that and then of course there is the... now that they are connected, how does he untether himself and how does he actually relate to his wife who's not very happy with him. [Laughs]

Arielle Kebbell: She just is finding her way with marriage and she's used to her space and...

Parisa-Fitz Henley: And she's Olivia...

Arielle Kebbel: And she's Olivia...

Dylan Bruce: She seemed happy with him in the first episode...

Arielle Kebbell: Well he knew I needed something! Which y'all will see soon enough. So you know, you know...

SR: So this one is for all of you... Based on your personality, if you weren't your character, which character do you most relate with?

Arielle Kebbell: I thought you were going to say what character would you be?

SR: What character would you be? Based on your personality?

Francois Arnaud: I'm the snarky cat.

Peter Mensah: The Rev.

Parisa-Fitz Henley: I think I'd be Bobo.

Francois Arnaud: That's sad.

Dylan Bruce: I would be Fiji.

Arielle Kebbell: Oh my god. I'm shipping them

Dylan Bruce: My son is demanding that I be a witch for Halloween. So that's why I picked Fiji. So I have to be a witch for Halloween.

Arielle Kebbell: I would be Zelda. I love her so much.

SR: The last question that I have for you guys. If you had to sum up season 2 in a hashtag, without giving any spoilers away, what would that hashtag be?

Arielle Kebbell: Sssshiiiikees!!!

Dylan Bruce: That's unbeatable right there. Did you just say... No we're like the Scooby Gang so... Zoinks!?!?

Arielle Kebbell: We kept saying we were the Scooby Gang all season.

Dylan Bruce: #Zoinks!

SR: Midnight, Texas is gonna premiere its second season on October 26th on Friday, so come check it out. So guys, thank you so much for stopping by.

Dylan Bruce: Thanks for having us.

Arielle Kebbell: Thanks to the fans for all the questions!

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