Midnight Special Trailer: A Moody, Genre-Crossing Superhero Film

From the director of Take Shelter and Mud, Jeff Nichols' forthcoming effort behind the camera, Midnight Special, might just prove to be the filmmaker's most talked about and hyped film to date. Following the generally good critical response to his second and third feature-length efforts, and based upon the box office success enjoyed by his last theatrical release starring Matthew McConaughey, Nichols' latest promises a taut, science-fiction chase film with plenty of mystery and intrigue to match its supernatural premise and thrilling central narrative conceit.

Starring Michael Shannon, Sam Shepard, Kristen Dunst, Adam Driver, and Joel Edgerton, the film is set to feature Shannon on the run after learning that his son has certain superhuman abilities, with the first official trailer promising plenty of action, intrigue, and moody atmospherics.

As seen above, the initial footage offers plenty of glimpses at the strange powers beholden to young Alton (Jaeden Lieberher), with forces both good and bad ostensibly intent on discovering what they may or may not signify. While the exact extent of Alton's powers remain cast in the shadow of uncertainty and an ever encroaching mortal terror, Shannon portrays a father figure intent on uncovering the secrets behind his son's abilities no matter what the cost may be to his own safety and livelihood.

Midnight Special

In his sophomore production, Take Shelter, Nichols and lead actor Shannon similarly delved into near mysticism in their telling of a story of another patriarchal figure afflicted with seeming apocalyptic visions of unknown authenticity and origin. Like that film, Nichols and Shannon seem to be exploring much of the same ground again, with the characters in their new film likewise left on their own to decide whether or not they trust the fantastic reality in which they find themselves.

Whether viewers will find Nichols' latest another winning experiment in cinematic storytelling, or a creative misstep from an ambitious director, Shannon, at the very least, looks ready to deliver for his frequent collaborator in front of the camera once more. Even if the production crumbles under the weight of its genre-defying twists and turns, it still looks like a fun ride, and a welcome alternative to the more popular and mainstream supernatural narratives being portrayed by many a character wearing the superhero's tights and cape.

Midnight Special will see theatrical release in the U.S. on March 18th, 2016.

Source: Warner Bros.

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