ABC Looking to Revive The Middle with Sue Heck Spinoff Show

Fans of ABC's long running hit sitcom The Middle were sad when the series said its final goodbye after 9 seasons just last week, but it looks like one of the show's regulars may be getting her own spinoff. The Middle starred Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn as working class parents Frankie and Mike Heck who lived in the fictional town of Orson, Indiana with their three kids Axl, played by Charlie McDermott, Sue, played by Eden Sher and Brick, played by Atticus Shaffer. The show consistently performed well in the ratings and earned a steady stream of followers throughout its nine seasons on air.

There has been a lot of buzz that Eden Sher's character Sue Heck will be getting her own spinoff show. ABC is rumored to be looking in to the possibility of giving the Heck's middle child her own show, and since the cancellation of Roseanne those rumors have picked up speed. The show is said to be considered for a mid-season replacement suggesting that a decision to go ahead will be made soon. With Roseanne gone from their lineup ABC will be looking for a show to appeal to middle America, and a Middle spinoff will bring in an already established audience.


Deadline reports that Middle creators/executive producers Eileen Heisler & DeAnn Heline and Warner Bros. TV as well as Sher are still finalizing the deal to bring the spinoff to life. The Sue Heck centered show is rumored to take place a few years after the series finale, "chronicling the next stage of Sue’s life as a young adult with a new cast of characters around her." Fans are thrilled at the idea of Sher getting her own spinoff, and they're not the only ones. Patricia Heaton tweeted her support for the character after a fan suggested that 'the world needs a little Sue Heck."

Fans fell in love with the nerdy but completely relatable and loveable character of Sue Heck as she navigated high school and headed off to college. Sue was a character fans rooted for and Eden Sher became the breakout star of the show. The actress won a Critics Choice award in 2013 for her portrayal of the always optimistic and overly cheerful middle Heck child.

When The Middle wrapped up its nine season run last week, it featured a flash forward that showed viewers where all the characters ended up. Sue Heck was shown marrying boy next door Sean, and it's unclear if this new spinoff will include this storyline or get creative and work around it. With Roseanne now cancelled what is clear is that ABC has a gap in its family friendly line up, and a Middle spin off would definitely fill that void.


Screen Rant will keep you posted on all updates regarding The Middle spinoff.

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