Microsoft Teases Next-Gen "Scarlett" Console Leading Up To E3

Xbox Scarlet Tease

It seems that Microsoft is ready to paint Los Angeles scarlet at its E3 2019 press conference today, as they've been teasing the upcoming announcement of their next-gen Xbox console in promotional material over the past few days.

Code-named "Scarlett," the next Xbox is rumored to be remarkably powerful for a home console, putting even the might Xbox One X to shame. Specs currently making their rounds on the internet point to Scarlett sporting a next-generation AMD GPU, 12 GB of RAM, and an on-board 1 TB SSD hard drive. Even more exciting than these rumored specs is the abundance of first-party games that Microsoft is gearing up to announce for the next-gen console, as their presser may reveal as many as fourteen of them. Accordingly, this may end up being Microsoft's lengthiest E3 showcase yet, so fans who want to see everything Scarlett and Xbox Game Studios has to offer will be in for a long one.

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Xbox's Twitter page has been posting brief promotional videos for their impending slew of E3 announcements, and keen-eyed Twitter user C.B.K spotted a few short alphanumeric strings hidden in some trees off to the side of a small Xbox stage. Over the course of three days, these hidden messages spell out "R 255," "G 86," and "B 0," which make up the RGB code for - you guessed it - the color scarlet. Considering the timing and official capacity of these tweets, they can be taken as a clear teaser for the announcement of the highly anticipated Scarlett console.

Seemingly confirming C.B.K's and others' suspicions that Microsoft will give Scarlett a grand unveiling at E3, the user announced in a later tweet that the Xbox Twitter account sent them a free month of Xbox Game Pass as "a little something" for their "eagle eye." Obviously, it's in the realm of possibility that someone on the Xbox social media team was having lighthearted fun when scattering the cryptic RGB codes in the the short videos to drum up excitement for a later announcement, but their retroactive confirmation that there's actually something to the easter eggs seems to point at Scarlett's reveal today being a near-certainty.

With a new console reveal on the way, Xbox fans have a lot to be excited about for today's Microsoft press conference. However, E3's just kicking off and Screen Rant has viewers covered for everything to come as the show gets into full swing, so stay tuned for more major announcements.

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Source: C.B.K/Twitter

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