Microsoft's 4 New Xbox Consoles in Development, Explained

It's no secret that the next generation of gaming consoles is around the corner. While gamers await details on the PlayStation 5 and revised Nintendo Switch, Microsoft looks to be ramping up for a new generation with a whopping four consoles currently in development. The first true next-gen Xbox is known as Scarlett, which now looks to be made up of two consoles. These platforms are codenamed Anaconda and Lockheart - each of which will cater to different gaming niches.

Meanwhile, another project (codenamed Maverick) is said to be Xbox's first streaming-only console. Although it falls outside of the aforementioned Scarlett line, it could arrive as soon as Spring 2019 if the latest report is to be believed. Finally, the Xbox One S is said to be getting another revision that will make it cheaper and put it in line with Microsoft's streaming plans.

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These reports arrive from Thurrott, which has release previous details about Xbox's Scarlett project. These are all rumors, so don't take these reports as gospel quite yet, but here are the alleged details on Microsoft's upcoming four consoles:

  • Anaconda - Set to cater to a similar niche as the Xbox One X, the Anaconda is said to be a more powerful version of Scarlett that will appease hardcore gamers. It's anticipated to arrive in 2020, presumably alongside Lockheart.
  • Lockheart - This console will take on a similar role to that of the Xbox One S. The platform will be less powerful, making it more affordable and appealing to more casual gamers. It is expected to arrive in 2020, presumably alongside the more powerful Anaconda.
  • Maverick - This is said to be a very interesting venture for Microsoft as it makes moves to break through into the game streaming market with its xCloud platform. There will be no disc-drive included with this hardware, ensuring that users will have to rely on downloading or streaming their content. This particular console is not part of the Scarlett line, so it could arrive as soon as Spring 2019.
  • Xbox One S Revision - One final "hoorah" for the Xbox One S is said to be in the works. It won't be ditching disc-based content like the Maverick, but it will have a newfound focus on xCloud. The goal is to cut down on manufacturing costs with this hardware, which should make it cheaper for consumers. This is expected to release in 2019.

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Source: Thurrott

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