Microsoft Surprise Releases A New Racing Game Titled Miami Street

Memorial Day weekend saw the surprise release of racing game Miami Street cruising out of nowhere on Microsoft’s online store. The casually oriented action driving game comes courtesy of Brighton-based studio Electric Square, a studio associated with Studio Gobo, developers of supplemental content for Ubisoft’s melee-based competitive action game For Honor.

When early reports first arrived that Electric Square was working on something for Microsoft Studios, there was no indication that it would be an accessible cinematic driving sim. Complete with micro-transactions, energy-regeneration mechanics, and wear and tear on your vehicle which requires repair, Miami Street seems to share some apparent DNA with mobile game apps, and features a variety of dazzling special effects and dramatic camera angles.

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The street-racing sim is now live on the Microsoft store, although its release is a kind of soft launch, with only certain territories currently granting access to the free download. Miami Street can reportedly be played on any PC device running Windows 10 and offers a variety of different control schemes that include mouse, keyboard, and touch-based methods.

The best-selling Forza series is Microsoft’s most recognizable racing franchise, which saw the release of Forza Motorsport 7 in October of 2017. Miami Street, on the other hand, looks to be much smaller in scope than anything in the Forza franchise, emphasizing pick-up-and-play ease and accessibility, removing even the ability to steer cars left and right. This means that races are won using a timing-based one-touch method that entirely relies on how cars start the race, and with flashy quick-time-events built into each turn on the racetrack. Essentially, it appears to be a casual-styled game, almost a rhythm-based racer overall.

Achievement-hunters will be happy to know that Miami Street does feature Xbox Live achievements, which may make it desirable considering that it’s a free download, although it does not appear to be positioned for an Xbox One release. Despite its lack of price tag, anyone interested in investing more time into the game will notice its optional purchases which, among other things, let you play the game for longer without breaks, with individual cars requiring the use of repair kits after every three races. That being said, Miami Street remains a single-player experience, so paying outright for the in-game gold currency doesn’t give you a competitive edge, in the absence of any human opponents.

Those interested in checking out Miami Street with a Windows 10 PC device can check to see if it’s currently available in their locality.

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