Mickey Rourke & Rosario Dawson Confirmed for 'Sin City 2'

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One thing most people (including the Screen Rant podcast crew) seem to agree on, with regards to Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (a.k.a Sin City 2) is that Oscar-nominee Mickey Rourke reprising his acclaimed turn as scarred bruiser Marv is a key ingredient for the sequel to work. The notoriously candid actor has previously humored reporters on the subject, but refrained from actually declaring his commitment to the project.

Robert Rodriguez has now confirmed that Rourke will be returning for Sin City 2, a followup to his first adaptation of Frank Miller's popular neo-Noir comic book series. Similarly, the filmmaker indicated that Rosario Dawson is also prepped to reprise her role as hard-edged prostitute Gail in A Dame to Kill For - which begins shooting this summer, some seven years after the first Sin City flick hit theaters.

During a recent interview with MTV about the truly independent director's Sin City sequel, Rodriguez said that "[Mickey Rourke is] all excited to come back, but he's probably the first one." He thereafter mentioned that he had recently run into Rosario Dawson (not literally, of course) - and that the actress is likewise "excited about doing another one, so that will be fun."

A Dame to Kill For is primarily based on Miller's Sin City graphic novel of the same name. That storyline partially overlaps with The Hard Goodbye (ie. the Marv-centered segment of the first Sin City movie), but otherwise takes place prior to most of the events depicted in Rodriguez' previous Sin City film adaptation - with a few exceptions, such as the opening part of That Yellow Bastard (ie. the Hartigan [Bruce Willis]-centered segment).

mickey rourke may star in sin city 2

In addition to the A Dame to Kill For plotline, Sin City 2 will feature some new story material penned by Miller, partly to tie off the narrative threads left dangling in the first movie - such as, what happens to Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba), following the conclusion of the Yellow Bastard segment. Those who lost confidence in Miller's writing abilities a long time ago can take comfort in knowing that William Monahan (The Departed) polished those new script elements.

The next "big development" in the Sin City sequel's pre-production process should be news about whether or not Clive Owen will be returning as Dwight - who is essentially the protagonist in A Dame to Kill For. Considering that the character is supposed to have undergone significant facial reconstruction between that story and The Big Fat Kill, there's a good chance that Owen won't be back (for continuity's sake). Still, that's not at all a given yet.

We will continue to keep you posted on the status of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For as more information is released.


Source: MTV

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