What The Heck Is Going On With Iron Man 2?

You know... for a sequel based on a movie that was a surprising monster success, Iron Man 2 certainly seems to stumbling quite a bit.

First came word that Terrence Howard was out of Iron Man 2, then despite the fact that last October Samuel L. Jackson stated that Nick Fury would have a larger role in the sequel, salary negotions between Jackson and Marvel Studios fell apart and it looks right now like he is Nick Fury no more.

Now comes word that Mickey Rourke, who was slated to play either Crimson Dynamo or Whiplash in the film, may not be in it either.

According to NY Mag, Rourke made it plain that he is not involved with the sequel:

"Right now, we're not doing 'Iron Man 2.'"

Now pay close attention: He said that he's not doing Iron Man 2 right now. That doesn't necessarily mean he's not going to do it, just that he's not signed up/involved at the moment.

With a Golden Globe win, the Oscars only days away and a lowball offer of $250,000 to appear in the film, this could very well be a comment thrown out in the middle of still ongoing negotiations. He could very well be hoping to snag an Oscar for his role in The Wrestler. An Oscar winner can no doubt demand more for an appearance in a film than an Oscar nominee.

For a sequel that should have been a no-brainer, Iron Man 2 certainly seems to be traveling down a rocky road.

Source: NY Mag

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