Rockwell, Rourke, and Walken Join 'Seven Psychopaths'

Irish playwright Martin McDonagh made his feature-length screenwriting/directorial debut back in 2008 with In Bruges, a critically-acclaimed (and Oscar-nominated) hit-man dramedy with Colin Farrell. Those two will be working together again on familiar territory in Seven Psychopaths, a new darkly comical project that is being sold at Cannes right now.

Farrell won't be the only recognizable face to pop up in the film: Seventh Psychopaths now counts the likes of Sam Rockwell, Oscar-nominee Mickey Rourke, and Oscar-winner Christopher Walken as members of its cast.

Variety says that Seven Psychopaths revolves around a screenwriter (Farrell) who has come down with a bad case of writer's block and is struggling to find inspiration for his new script. Farrell's character ends up getting involved in the dog kidnapping schemes of his "eccentric" friends (Rockwell and Walken). That situation takes a turn for the worst when the beloved pet pup of a local gangster (Rourke) goes missing - and the finger of blame ends up pointed at Farrell and Co.

Walken recently made a brief appearance in the mobster drama Kill the Irishman, but it's been a while since he took on a significant role in a higher-profile film. Rockwell and Farrell, on the other hand, will be appearing in pics like Cowboys & Aliens and Fright Night this summer - while Rourke (who previously co-starred in Iron Man 2 with Rockwell) will show up again this fall in Immortals.

Colin Farrell in the film In Bruges
Brendan Gleeson and Farrell 'In Bruges'

In Bruges is one of those fiendishly clever and darkly comical films that didn't make much of an impression at the box office, but is generally beloved by just about everyone who has actually seen it (similar to Iron Man 3 director Shane Black's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, in that regard).

Farrell as an actor may not be everyone's cup of tea, but he definitely has a strong fanbase - and he seems to do better in more independent fare (see: Crazy Heart or The Way Back) than when he's the leading man in bigger-budgeted titles like Alexander or Miami Vice. So Farrell could be good fun as a neurotic screenwriter in Seven Psychopaths.

Rockwell and Walken should also make for an entertaining pair of mutt-napping kooks in the film - plus, it's hard to argue against Rourke playing a bad-ass gangster. So Seven Pyschopaths very much sounds like a movie to keep an eye out for when it is eventually given a (presumably) limited theatrical release.

Source: Variety

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