The Mick: The Series' 10 Most Hilarious Moments

The Mick is one amusing TV series. Sadly, the show was canceled in 2018 and only had three fabulous seasons. However, those who have Hulu are able to watch the greatness of a hilariously dysfunctional family. Kaitlin Olson, also known as Mackenzie but goes by the nickname Mick, plays the eccentric aunt who gets stuck raising her sisters three kids.

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Every day is a new adventure as fans get to watch the trouble that Mick encounters. The chaos that Mick and the Pemberton children get into is ridiculously funny! Please continue reading to see 10 of the series’ most hilarious moments!

10 Mission: Keep Sabrina From Getting Pregnant

In season one, episode three, this hilarious moment comes from when Sabrina told Mick that she has unprotected relations with her hot boyfriend. Sabrina said that she basically has a problem with every form of birth control. So, Mick goes on a hilarious mission to keep Sabrina from getting pregnant.

Every time Sabrina is with her boyfriend, Kai, Mick would interrupt them and even get in between them. Mick gets loads of different birth control methods which Sabrina shuts down; at first. Mick even goes as far as to try to get Kai to sleep with her so that Sabrina would break up with him. In the end, Sabrina agrees to use rubbers. What a great aunt, don’t you agree?

9 Monsters Are Real

Ben is petrified of monsters in seasons one, episode 15, due to horrible nightmares that this little guy was having. His nightmares come to life when he sees Alba and her face is covered in permanent marker thanks to Jimmy’s “first one to pass out” rule. Ben thinks that Alba is a monster from his dreams.

It doesn’t help that Alba drank alcohol and took one of Mrs. Pembertons’ happy pills. So, when Alba woke up she was very disoriented and stumbled everywhere knocking stuff over. Just the way Alba looks with black marker all over her face and the way she wobbles around is hilarious enough in itself.

8 Ben’s Tongue Trauma

Poor Ben seems to have the worst luck sometimes, especially just like he did in this hilarious moment from season one, episode two. Mick had to tell her niece and nephews that their parents, who fled the country, were not coming back. The Pemberton kids did not take the news very well even though Sabrina tried to act like she didn’t care.

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In this scene, Ben’s older brother Chip dared him to stick his tongue on the grill at the restaurant they were eating at. Needless to say, Ben was up to the challenge and burned his tongue horribly and had to have this contraption put in his mouth. This contraption caused Ben to drool everywhere which ultimately led to his grandmother slipping in a puddle of his spit causing her to get injured. She was really mean to the Pemberton kids, anyway!

7 When The Adventure Begins

The adventure begins for Mick in season one, episode one. Mick went to her estranged sister’s house, Pamela Pemberton but she goes by the nickname Poodle, in order to try to score some much-needed cash. Poodle was throwing a big celebration, but then the unthinkable happens and the FBI swarms the place and arrests Poodle and her husband.

When the FBI shows up, Mick jumps over the balcony ledge and runs and ends up getting hit by her boyfriends’ car. But don’t fret, because Mick is fine and she actually happens to get hit by a car more than once during the series’ three seasons. It’s kind of like an ongoing joke. Needless to say, Poodle tells Mick to watch her kids and if she complies, she’ll give Mick the money she desperately needs to pay off loan sharks.

6 Intruder Alert

This hilarious scene comes from season one, episode 17. Chip was surprised when he found an intruder trying to break into the safe. Chip reacts by shotting the intruder who ironically enough turned out to be his father who he never expected to see again since his parents were on the run.

Before they realized it was Mr. Pemberton who had been injured, Sabrina called the cops and informed them that someone had been shot. Mick makes a quick decision to shoot Jimmy in the leg so that Mr. and Mrs. Pemberton could hide from the police when they arrived. Poor Jimmy always gets the short end of the stick!

5 The Visit

In season two, episode three, Jimmy tricks Chips into visiting his dad in prison by telling him that he’s taking him and Ben to a waterpark. Chip is not the least bit thrilled since his father has not tried to make any contact with him. When Chip goes back to see his dad, the first thing he notices is that his father has no teeth. When Chip questions this, Mr. Pemerton says that his cellmate said he wouldn’t be needing them anymore.

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Chip tells his dad that the Pemberton’s need to stick together. That’s when Mr. Pemberton drops some unbelievable news and tells Chip that he is not his father. It’s so unbelievable that Chip doesn’t realize Mr. Pemberton is being serious and he also tells Chip to never return. Strangely enough, Ben ends up in a prison cell and tells a group of convicts to watch after his dad and they actually do it!

4 Charge It To Ben

After Mick drops Sabrina and Chip off at school, in season one, episode one, she decides to let little Ben skip school for the day and she takes him to the park. After starting a fire to distract an ice cream vendor so that she could get her and Ben some free ice cream - since she’s broke - Ben informs her of his credit card.

In this hilarious scene, Ben and Mick go on one amazing kick-butt shopping spree. Hey, if Mick is stuck watching over his niece and nephews she may as well do so in style!

3 Wine & A Wedding Dress

While the Pemberton kids are at school, in season one, episode one, Mick and Alba have a fantastic time drinking, swimming, and even playing tennis. Mick tried on her sister’s wedding dress and decides to hilariously slide down the banister. In the process, she drops her glass of wine and she falls off the banister right into the puddle of wine.

When she wakes up, she looks like a total wreck with a giant wine stain on the wedding dress. The kids are standing there and when she inquires about getting dinner, they tell her that she’s been knocked out for about 24 hours.

2 Jennie Garth Guest Appearance

In season two, episode 10, Jennie Garth makes a guest appearance and gets invited to a get-together that is hosted by both Mick and Sabrina. They leave Ben to entertain Jennie’s obnoxious son, Totsie, and it all goes wrong from there! Totsie destroyed Ben’s room, and when Mick hears a noise and goes to check on the boys, she finds out about the mess. Mick yells at Totsie goes to tell Jennie to leave, but Jennie invites her to Mario Lopez’s party.

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In order to meet Mario, she has Jennie stay. When she goes back upstairs to tell Ben to play nice, she finds Ben in a chokehold. While trying to break the boys up, she accidentally pulls Totsies hair which makes him want to leave. So, to get him to stay they tie him up and Ben ends up cutting Totsie’s hair. Jennie finds Totsie like this and freaks out! Guess, Mick won’t be meeting Mario after all!

1 Black Eyes For Everyone

Mick thinks that Sabrina was having relations with her teacher, in season two, episode eight, when she, Alba and Sabrina go to a poetry bash and see Sabrina’s teacher tickling her. Sabrina has a major crush on this teacher as well! Mick ends up sleeping with the teacher in order to make Sabrina’s interest in her teacher fade, however, Sabrina doesn’t believe that anything happened.

Meanwhile, Jimmy gave Chip a black eye to make Chip appear tougher than he is. Ben sees this, and went to the certain kids in his class and gave them black eyes so they wouldn’t get bullied anymore. During an assembly at school, Mick gets on stage and confronts the teacher about liking young girls and announces that she slept with the teacher only to learn that nothing actually happened between him and Sabrina.

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