Michelle Williams Is Definitely Playing Anne Weying in Venom

Tom Hardy and Venom

Michelle Williams is confirmed to play Anne Weying in Venom. The Tom Hardy-led project directed by Ruben Fleischer is based on the Marvel comics character of the same name, specifically mining beats from the Legal Protector run. The project is expected to spearhead Sony's own superhero franchise, one that is without the presence of Spider-Man. Narrative specifics are still scant and it is interesting how this budding film series will fare considering the studio's previous attempts to kick-off a sustainable one with the Marvel IPs they currently have. But with the roster of talent involved in the movie like Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate and more recently reported, Woody Harrelson, it's hard not to get excited about the flick.

Rumors about the appearance of Anne Weying in Venom started in July, back when we barely knew anything about the Sony film. At that time, much of conversation was geared towards whether the project exists in the same reality as Spider-Man: Homecoming or not, considering that Tom Holland's iteration of the character has just launched in the MCU via his first standalone film. In the months that followed, the movie slowly took shape with a slew of casting announcements, including reports of the four-time Oscar-nominee Michelle Williams joining the project as the female lead.


Williams sat down with Screen Rant while doing the press rounds for her latest movie, Ridley Scott's  All The Money In The World where she talked about her upcoming gig in the Hardy-led Venom due next year. While the movie's story is presumably a factor in her decision to board the flick, she adds that the biggest influence for her to be involved was the opportunity to work alongside the versatile actor:

SR: You’ve been known to pick great roles with amazing scripts and Venom’s coming up and that has so much stacked talent. You, Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Woody Harrelson, it's amazingso what is it about that script that’s attracting so much talent around it?

Michelle Williams: We’re having fun. Um, we’re having fun. It’s, um, well for me it’s Tom (Hardy). I just thought, well, that guy knows what he’s doing. I’m just going to go steal some of his moves, figure out what he knows. I just wanted to, you know, you’re only as good as the people you play with and I really wanted to challenge myself with him as a partner.

Obviously, Sony is trying to keep as much information about the movie as possible tightly under wraps, but during the same conversation, the actress also confirmed she will indeed be playing Anne Weying.

SR: Is Venom comparable to anything else you’ve done previously, and what can you tell us about Anne Weying?

Michelle Williams: I’ve done one other movie where I was asked to track a tennis ball with my eyes and pretend it was a giant creature thing. Not my favorite thing in the world to do, but it is a skill set and I’m trying to learn it. And uh, she’s, geez, what can I tell you? Not too much right now. 

In the pages of the comic books, Weying is Brock's ex-wife who maintains a love/hate relationship with him. Appearing for the first time in Amazing Spider-Man #375, the character is a successful lawyer who also has narrative ties with Peter Parker. But as her story progressed, she eventually becomes She-Venom, also known as The Bride of Venom, leading her down a dark and highly emotional path. It will be curious if Sony will incorporate this complex story right away, but with the film's R-rating, they definitely have the creative license to do so.


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