Michelle Rodriguez Returns For Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil is returning and stronger than ever. After the fourth installment in the franchise, Resident Evil: Afterlife, successfully implemented a shot-in-3D gore-fest to audiences around the world, it managed to easily become the most successful film in the series and fans were pleased to see elements and characters from the Resident Evil 5 video game used in the film.

The cast and crew are returning for another sequel, titled Resident Evil: Retribution, which is bringing even more of what fans want in terms of characters from the games and with them, a few surprises. Not only will Shawn Roberts reprise his role as fan-favorite villain Albert Wesker - albeit in a cameo role of sorts - but now comes word the Michelle Rodriguez has also signed on to reprise her Resident Evil 1 role as special forces operative, Rain Ocampo.

If you've watched the series to date, you'll understand that Rodriguez returning for Resident Evil: Retribution is a little odd considering she starred in the first RE (2002) and was zombified before being killed off. What does this mean? Flashbacks!

Expect the series to go full circle and for the story to delve back into the back-story of protagonist Alice (Milla Jovovich). Rodriguez's character of Rain Ocampo is not the only returnee since Colin Salmon is also making a return appearance as James “One” Shade, the leader of the Commandos from the first Resident Evil.

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As we also know from previous reports, franchise character Leon Scott Kennedy will finally get his chance to shine on the silver screen. Leon plays a prominent role in both the games and the animated feature, Resident Evil: Degeneration, but fans have had to wait five films to see him get his deserved live-action debut. Rumors and fan desires point towards Supernatural star Jensen Ackles playing the character but no one has been announced for the role as of yet - that would be a good rumor to come true.

Paul W.S. Anderson returns to direct Retribution which picks up right where Afterlife left off. K-Mart (Spencer Locke), Claire (Ali Larter) and brother Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller) are captured by the Umbrella Corporation while the heroes must battle the Las Plagas variant of the infected, meaning the mindless zombies are replaced by stronger, scarier monsters. Sienna Guillory returns to play Jill Valentine who will now be featured as the film's primary villain.

Are you excited for the new direction of the Resident Evil movies, including more characters from the franchise?


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Resident Evil: Retribution hits theaters September 14, 2012 in 3D.

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