Michel Gondry Talks Fighting In The Green Hornet

It's been a couple of months since Michel Gondry took over the directorial reigns from the previously reported Stephen Chow for the upcoming comic-book movie The Green Hornet. Yet, there's already anticipation and speculation about what the extremely creative filmmaker has up is sleeve to bring the character (and his sidekick) to the big-screen.

Recently, it was revealed that Gondry had created a "secret fight scene" entirely on his own dime, as a sort of audition for director's position for The Green Hornet. However, since it was labeled "secret" to begin with, we haven't really known just what that fight scene entailed, how it was shot or whether it would be any indication of anything we'll see in the actual Green Hornet movie itself.

Those hungry for details need not fret though as in an recent interview, Gondry gave some info on the fight scene and how those types of scenes will be filmed and appear in the actual movie:

"It was not elaborate... I'm glad [Rogen is even] paying any attention to what I'm suggesting."

"[He did it] to show off some of the stuff he could do, some of the weird filming techniques he has and some of the stuff he can pull off," Rogen tried to explain. "It was instantly unlike anything you've ever seen before."

Gondry explains: "I change the speed of the camera at different spots in the image at different times. So, it seems like they're in the same world but at different times, and then they're back together."

"I want to say it simply, because I don't want people to steal my idea. So, I'm keeping it a little bit obscure... [The camera] speeds up and slows down, but different times for different character's images."

"So, one will go fast and the other will go slow, and then they'll meet," he explained. "It's [as if] they're in different dimensions, but when they touch each other they come into the same dimension."

Wow, it sounds like Gondry really has some wild ideas for The Green Hornet!

When Gondry was first announced as director of the project, I had two conflicting thoughts - one was that it was a very odd pairing considering The Green Hornet is essentially a comic book movie and despite however different a comedic route, star, writer, and producer Seth Rogen is going to go down, we are more accustomed to seeing Gondry deliver smaller, more intimate films. Some of his previous work includes Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (a personal favorite, I just wanna' say), The Science of Sleep and Be Kind Rewind.

Secondly, my thoughts were that this may very well be a perfect match - since this isn't going to be like any other comic book movie, Gondry's creativity may suit the direction the film is going down to a tee.

The idea he has for the fight scenes sound very cool indeed - It's hard to picture exactly what he's meaning through a description from mere words, but whatever it turns out like, it's sure to be a style of fight sequences that we haven't really seen before.

I remain optimistic about Rogen and Gondry's incarnation of the character - I'm sure the two's styles will gel together well, and we will get something pretty unique.

What are your thoughts on how Gondry is approaching the fight scenes within The Green Hornet? Do you think Gondry (and Rogen) are good matches for the character?

The Green Hornet is scheduled to be released on June 25th, 2010.

Source: MTV Splash Page

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