Michael Sheen To Be Tron 2 Villain?

Michael Sheen is one of those actors who not only plays the part but becomes the person he is portraying. Much like Daniel Day-Lewis in that sense, Sheen has made a career of playing real-life celebrities. Some examples being Tony Blair in The Queen (as well as in other projects), TV personality and journalist David Frost in Frost/Nixon, and most recently the infamous Leeds United soccer team manager Brian Clough in The Damned United.

However, that's not all he does - he also goes for the more fantastical roles such as Lucian in the Underworld series and his upcoming role in The Twilight Saga's New Moon. Now, it looks like he may follow the fantasy route again as rumors and speculation are abound that he will star in the upcoming long-awaited sequel Tron 2.

The speculation all started when Sheen mentioned on Twitter yesterday that he was starring in some sort of mysterious film that he isn't allowed to talk about yet. The obvious questions came up about projects he's already announced to be in such as New Moon, Alice in Wonderland or The Special Relationship (playing Tony Blair again), but alas: no dice.

He let slip a detail that he'll not only not be playing a real life person, as he's accustomed to doing, but that the character "isn't a real person at all." A guessing game started, and here's the replies Sheen gave to each of them:

"...not Bilbo(I wish), not Lily Savage or Underworld : Widow Twanky. Not living or dead." ... "no not doing a Potter. not a God. not Bush." ... "not Gullivers Travels, Tin Tin or a Pixar not undead either not a Neil Gaiman film though he is my favourite writer along with Stephen King." Not an Alien, Predator, Terminator, News Anchor, Psychopath, Geriatric or Mythical being..."

Sheen did concede by saying that he will, "indicate in some mildly ambiguous way if someone guesses right." Someone through in a speculative question about if he was going to play a bad villain or '70s rock star and Sheen replied, "oh my goodness youre kind of close".

Here's where the indications and speculation towards Tron 2 began...

Sheen hinted by asking folks what their favorite Jeff Bridges film was, and when he got the results he responded, "Personally very happy to see so many Tron fans...." He then revealed that he would be going to Vancouver at the start of the next week, and when someone pointed out that the Tron sequel was actually filming in Vancouver, Sheen slyly responded, "without giving too much away, I already knew [that]."

Disappointingly the responses stopped there, pretty much around the time where people started to ask more specific questions about Tron 2. I'm not Sherlock Holmes, but that's a big flashing sign right there. Obviously Sheen wasn't going to reveal outright that this "mystery film" is, indeed, Tron 2, but his sudden halt in answering questions certainly seems to indicate that it is the Disney sequel he's referring to.

Although Sheen gets heaps of praise poured onto him because of his chameleon-like ability to play an array of different characters, whether they be real life figures or otherwise, his involvement in the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon has undoubtedly put him onto the radar of a demographic he may not have appealed to before.

Sheen is certainly a hot ticket at the moment and with his talent, adding him to Tron 2 wouldn't be a bad decision. However, without knowing a great deal about the film generally, never mind specifics like the nature of the villain, it's hard to say at this point whether Sheen would be a good fit.

Remember, this isn't definitive casting news that Sheen has been cast in Tron 2, as the villain or otherwise, but it's still a strong indication nonetheless. If cast, he will join the already announced Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner (both reprising their original roles), Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Beau Garrett and Serinda Swan.

Screen Rant will be sure to keep you informed on whether not this mystery film of Sheen's is actually Tron 2, or whether it's something else in entirely.

For now: Do you think the film Sheen is hinting at is the Tron sequel? Do you think Sheen would be a good fit for the neon-glowing world?

Tron 2 is scheduled for a release sometime in 2011.

Source: /Film

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