First Look: Michael Shanks as Hawkman in Smallville

TV Guide got themselves a nice little scoop on Nov 16th when they flaunted the first look at what Michael Shanks will look like as Hawkman on Smallville.  They also had the opportunity to chat with Michael Shanks (Stargate SG-1) who will be playing Carter Hall aka Hawkman in an upcoming pair of episodes from Smallville.

The pair of episodes are now being drawn together into a single night of viewing and The CW Network is calling it a "movie" event.

We will be meeting the Justice Society in this movie and Shanks gave TV Guide some insight to the upcoming episodes and their first look at Shanks as Hawkman:

Admittedly, it looks a bit odd in the blue tint and doesn't really give up too much except that he looks exactly like the classic Hawkman we've seen through the years:

The interview had some details that some may consider to be outline spoilers.  If you like being surprised by plot line, then there are a few things below that might be considered plot spoilers.


  • Shanks said he is doing his own flying, controlled by big men with big arms in his fly-by-wire get up.
  • He won't be bare chested, but will have a chest plate.  This will accommodate the FX harness for flying.
  • Carter Hall / Hawkman, who is a reincarnated prince from 1,000 years previous, comes off with a lot of cynicism and guilt about what he deems failures on his part from past events that involved the Justice Society.
  • The society has been around for some time and our own group of Smallville heroes are just hearing about them now...  which will be an interesting plot point in the movie.
  • There will be many references to other Society members throughout the movie.
  • Hall and Queen will be at odds over political views.

What caught my eye was the reference to how the Society was originally treated so poorly by the public that it causes a debate about whether the Justice League itself should even try to pick up the hero mantle as a group.

Interesting bits:  In addition to Hawkman, we'll be seeing Dr. Fate, Stargirl, Martian Manhunter and Amanda Waller.  Plus, Tom Welling will be directing the 2nd hour.

It's all good stuff giving us something to look forward to when this two-hour event featuring the Justice Society and penned by the ever illustrious Geoff Johns hits the air on February 5th, 2010.

I am looking forward to the unveiling of so many heroes in a single episode of Smallville.  To be honest, if feels like they're pulling out all the stops for this 9th season to make sure they get a 10th.  And they just might, at the rate they're going this year.

Source: TV Guide

Header image edited from art penciled by Joe Ng, inked by Mickey Clausen, colored by Sean Ellery.

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