Arrow's Deadshot Actor to Play Ninjak in Valiant Comics Web Series

A tweet from Arrow actor Michael Rowe suggests he'll be portraying Ninjak in the Valiant Comics webseries that's currently in production.

Michael Rowe to Play Ninjak

Deadshot actor Michael Rowe may have left The CW's Arrow behind him, but the actor is already lining up a return to the world of comic books under a new guise. In a tweet that can be seen below, Mr. Rowe heavily suggested that he would be donning the ninja garb in the long-mooted Valiant Comics web series reportedly in production to portray Ninjak.

The post not only contained the Valiant Comics logo, but also a narrow shot of the actor's eyes and face, neatly echoing Ninjak's style of mask and the fact that only his eyes are typically visible. If that wasn't quite obvious enough, Rowe also included the hashtag '#Ninja'. The tweet also referenced online production house Bat In The Sun who are best known for their Super Power Beat Down and The Waiting Room web series.

Ninjak, also known as Colin King, is the brainchild of Mark Moretti and Joe Quesada, and is one of Valiant Comics' most popular and enduring characters. The ninja has no particular superpowers, instead relying upon a mastery of stealth, a body trained to extremes, high intelligence and a whole heap of money to buy the latest weapons and gadgets to get the job done (no, he's not Bruce Wayne's brother). The character is a determined seeker of justice and is often seen working with the British government and intelligence services, as his father did before him.

Secret project. Announcement coming soon... #Ninja@ValiantComics @BatintheSun

— Michael Rowe (@Captain_Rowe) August 26, 2016

Although the web-based project has yet to be officially announced and details are subsequently scarce, Valiant Comics CEO Dinesh Shamdasani responded to Michael Rowe's tweet, saying "Can't stop looking at all the amazing stuff from this week!!!" and adding the hashtag '#NYCC2016' - the implication being that that an official announcement will come at New York Comic Con in October, and that some amount of footage (screen test or otherwise) is in the can. Shamdasani also retweeted several reports that ex-Power Ranger Jason David Frank and ex-WWE wrestler John Morrison would be attached to the project. One of the reports retweeted by Shamdasani was from Bleeding Cool, and offered these plot and character details:

"The miniseries will run 6 to 8 episodes and will follow Ninjak as he is on the run and fighting various major Valiant characters, including X-O Manowar, Faith, Bloodshot, Divinity, Timewalker, Eternal Warrior, and one of their newest characters, Savage."

Although details are scarce and an official announcement remains a couple of months away, it's certainly exciting to see that while Marvel and DC slug it out on the big screen, other comic book companies can make waves in the live-action realm.

We'll keep you updated on Ninjak as development continues.

Source: ComicBook, Bleeding Cool

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