Michael Rosenbaum Creating New Syfy Show

Earlier this week we reported about how a cryptic Twitter message from Michael Rosenbaum led fans to mistakenly believe that the he would be reprising his role as Clark Kent’s nemesis, Lex Luthor, for the upcoming tenth season of Smallville.

Today, we now know what “good news” he was referring to, as it was just announced that Rosenbaum will be creating a single-camera, half-hour, live-action comedy for Syfy, entitled,  Saved by Zeroes.

The series will star Rosenbaum and Jonathan Silverman (The Single Guy) as a couple of former actors on cult a science fiction show. After hitting rock bottom, the pair have to work together to get their lives back in order. Said Rosenbaum:

"Through drugs and drinking, [the characters played by Rosenbaum and Silverman] didn't save money and, years later, the only thing they have left are the conventions, all they've got are their loyal, devoted fans...Our show is not about being in the business, it's about being out of the business; it's the 'Non-tourage.' We're the losers you want to see back on top."

The idea for the series came from Rosenbaum’s personal experiences attending comic book conventions both as a fan (before he became famous) and as a successful actor. He describes the show as Galaxy Quest meets Eastbound & Down.

Also attached to the project is How to Train Your Dragon scribe, Adam F. Goldberg, who will serve as executive producer and showrunner along with Rosenbaum. The two met while initially discussing another project that Goldberg felt Rosenbaum was perfect for:

"We started talking about a bunch of nerdy things...Next thing, we were writing a horror movie together."

Yep, that’s right. If Rosenbaum creating a new series doesn’t solidify his inability to return to Smallville, the fact that he’s working on a horror movie together with Goldberg sure does, as the two are currently shopping the film around.

While it’s unfortunate that Rosenbaum won’t be returning to Smallville, I’m extremely interested in this new series. It reminds me of the episode of Entourage where the gang tag along with Johnny Drama to his “Viking Quest” conventions. Add the fact that Rosenbaum and Silverman are both exceptional comedic actors, mention Galaxy Quest, and I’m sold.

…just tell me when and where I can watch it.

What do you think of Rosenbaum’s new series? Will you be tuning in? Would you rather have him back on Smallville? Thoughts?

While no official dates have been announced, you can look forward to Saved by Zeroes this fall on Syfy.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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