Michael Rosenbaum Is Returning To 'Smallville' For Episode 20

Rumors of Michael Rosenbaum's return to 'Smallville' have been fueled by a new addition to IMDb, listing him as a cast member for episode 20. Here's what we've been told, from those in the know.

[Update: Michael Rosenbaum IS Returning For The ‘Smallville’ Finale]

A few days ago, the always resourceful Smallville fans noticed an interesting addition to the cast list for episode 20. The yet untitled episode included Michael Rosenbaum in the role of Lex Luthor. Could this be it? Is Rosenbaum returning to the series? Well, probably not…. But maybe.

Putting aside the fact that Michael Rosenbaum recently stated on Twitter that he hasn’t talked to any Smallville producers in a very long time, there’s also the IMDb effect. The wonderful thing about IMDb is that you can instantly find information about your favorite film, television show, actor, actress or animal performer (the dog that played in PBS’ Wishbone died in 2001 – sorry). The unfortunate thing about IMDb is, like Wikipedia, anyone can change it - anyone.

Sure, there are notes posted along the user-based edit phase that say the information will be checked by a team to insure its validity, but it’s still much easier than you think to change elements on the site - especially if they're small. If you don’t believe, keep an eye on the IMDb pages for some of your favorite shows, you might be surprised to find a Mr. Fart Masterson (Mary Stuart Masterson's "son", naturally) snagging a few guest spots (perhaps a reoccurring role).

Still, rumors have to start somewhere and even a small addition to IMDb needs to be checked. So, like any good Smallville fan, we asked around.

Here’s what we found out from those “in the know”: (we’ll continue to update it as we receive more information)

  • Michael Rosenbaum’s manager said that they don’t know anything about his name being added to the cast list of episode 20 and that there’s nothing to it.
  • Producer Rob Maier said that he’s not allowed to - can’t - discuss anything related to Smallville.
  • Warner Bros. has yet to respond, but we left a message and sent a few emails.
  • The CW has yet to respond, but we sent a few emails that are being forwarded around.

So, what does all this mean for the rumor that Michael Rosenbaum might be returning to Smallville for episode 20? I’m not completely sure, but I know that each person will certainly have their own take.

Out of all the people we talked – or attempted to – Rosenbaum’s manager seems like the most trustworthy source. While Rob Maier was kind enough to give me a polite “no comment” when he was busy in the Smallville writers room, I honestly believe his no comment was a general statement and had nothing to do with the Rosenbaum rumor – he’s simply not allowed to talk to the press directly without Warner Bros. setting things up.

As for Warner Bros. and The CW? Well, we’ll just have to wait to hear back from him. Although, I'm sure their their lengthy response time might help fuel this rumor. And you know what? That line of thinking might be correct. As for me, I'll wait until I hear something concrete.

Let the speculation being.


Smallville airs Friday @8pm, on The CW

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