Michael B. Jordan's Without Remorse Adds Jamie Bell & Jodie Turner-Smith

The cast of Michael B. Jordan's Tom Clancy movie Without Remorse is filling up, with Jamie Bell and Jodie Turner-Smith now onboard. Jordan has become one of Hollywood's newest stars in recent years after playing the villain Killmonger in 2018's Black Panther and headlining the revival of the Rocky franchise. He's starred in two Creed movies so far, and a third is likely to happen, possibly with Jordan directing too, but he's also set to lead another new franchise.

As first revealed last year, Jordan signed on to star in a film adaptation of Tom Clancy's novels Without Remorse and Rainbow Six. He is playing the character of John Clark, a veteran of Clancy's stories, who will now get his origin story told through the solo film. Clark is a former Navy SEAL who goes on to work with the CIA, helping Clancy's most well-known character, Jack Ryan, along the way. With a rich history of stories and characters in Clancy's world, the film adaptation has plenty to pull from and has now added the first two co-stars.

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It was recently reported by Variety that Jamie Bell has joined the cast of Without Remorse. He will play Robert Ritter, the deputy director of operations at the CIA. He's responsible for recruiting Clark to the CIA in the first place. Now, Variety is also reporting that Jodie Turner-Smith has joined the cast as Karen Greer, who will serve as a possible love interest for Clark. While originally said to be the daughter of the Tom Clancy character James Greer, reporter Justin Kroll since clarified on Twitter that this relation is not yet confirmed.

The addition of Bell will make Without Remorse a surprise Fantastic 4 reunion, as he played Ben Grimm aka The Thing in the film opposite Jordan's Johnny Storm aka Human Torch. Bell most recently appeared in Rocketman as Bernie Taupin. Now as a part of the Without Remorse cast, he'll be the second person to play Robert Ritter on the big screen, as Henry Czerny played him in Clear and Present Danger opposite Willem Dafoe's portrayal of Clark. Meanwhile, Jodie Turner-Smith has recently appeared in TV shows like The Last ShipNightflyers, and Jett. Her big break appears to be coming later this year as the star of Queen & Slim with Daniel Kaluuya.

With Bell and Turner-Smith attached to Without Remorse, Paramount's movie is starting to gather a talented ensemble. The film will be directed by Sicario: Day of the Soldado's Stefano Sollima and will hit theaters next September. It shouldn't be long before cameras start to roll on the movie as a result, meaning more casting news for Without Remorse may not be far off, so stay tuned.

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Source: Variety

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