Kenny Ortega Clarifies Reports of 'Thriller' Movie

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Last week, we here at Screen Rant, along with many of you readers, were up in arms over reports that director Kenny Ortega (High School Musical) was in the process of adapting the music video for Michael Jackson's Thriller into a feature-length film. "Is nothing sacred?" we screamed to the heavens while shaking our one-gloved fist. "Does Hollywood know no depths?"

It would appear now, however, that we all need to take two giant moonwalk steps backward. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ortega says that the film is in "very, very early stages of development" and he hasn't even "really had a chance to think about it too much."

The original Deadline report made it seem like the Thriller film was imminent. In the EW article, however, Ortega clarifies that there are several hurdles to getting the movie made and that all of the talks are in the early stages.

"The [Michael Jackson] estate would have to sign off on it. I have been a part of some early creative meetings and if all goes well, I think it could happen in the next couple of years."

For those who still think that making a Thriller movie at all is sacrilege, Ortega also made sure to point out his close relationship with Michael Jackson and his strong personal desire to keep the King of Pop's legacy pure.

"We were very good friends. I miss him. And I would never do anything to ruin his memory or one of his creations. But like I said, it is so early, so who knows what will materialize?"

Most of us are tired of Hollywood churning out remakes, reboots, and sequels galore, but I think we may have been too rash in our denunciation of this movie. Yes, Thriller was a transcendent music video by one of the greatest entertainers of all time, but that doesn't necessarily mean that a movie version would be terrible by comparison, right?

Kenny Ortega Explains Michael Jackson Thriller Movie

Of course, I may be giving Ortega a  pass since he directed one of my favorite random movies of all time, Newsies. Who doesn't love watching a 17-year-old, pre-Batman Christian Bale dance and sing with a goofy New York accent?

Anyway, we'll have more news on Thriller as we get it. In the meantime, feel free to discuss Ortega's update in the comments.

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