New Michael Jackson Movies: Thriller 3D & 'Gone Too Soon'

If the concert film This Is It left you hungry for more Michael Jackson movies, and you've already been down to Walt Disney World for the return of Captain EO, you could be in luck. Two separate Michael Jackson movies are in the works, both of which may end up on the big screen if there's enough interest in them.

Given the popularity of This Is It, there's a good chance of that both Thriller 3D and Gone Too Soon will make it to theaters.

First, an oldie but a goodie:  "Thriller" was the short film/music video that was directed by John Landis (An American Werewolf in London) and was originally released in theaters as a pre-feature exclusive to Disney's re-release of Fantasia. According to CHUD, MJ's estate wants to retrofit the 14-minute video as a digital 3D film.

At a recent event in London, Landis said he's okay with the idea (despite not being a fan of the technology), but he's not sure if it will go out to cinemas or just end up on a 3D Blu-ray. The video's original theatrical release was merely to qualify for the Oscars, but with all the 3D movies coming out these days, and the continued fandom for MJ (who despite being dead just negotiated the biggest record deal of all time), "Thriller 3D" could easily make it into theaters.

One film that would make sense for an MJ double feature (if it were also filmed in 3D) is Gone Too Soon, a documentary that Variety reports was pieced together from 300 hours of footage by Ian Halperin, the author of the book Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson.

The 88-minute film so far has theatrical runs booked for Canada and France (opening June 25th, the anniversary of MJ's death) and television rights sold to other territories. But there doesn't appear to be plans for a U.S. release just yet. Halperin claims, "this is the film Michael and his fans deserve," so hopefully the latter will get to see it soon.

Now, when do I get my desired 3D re-release of Moonwalker?

We'll keep you updated on both Thriller 3D and Gone Too Soon as the news rolls in.

Sources: CHUD, Variety /Film

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