Michael Fassbender Would Love to Return For Alien: Covenant Sequel

Michael Fassbender as David in Alien Covenant

Michael Fassbender says he would love to reprise his role as David the android in an Alien: Covenant sequel. A followup to Prometheus, Covenant concluded with a creepy tease for the third entry in Ridley Scott's Alien prequel trilogy. In the film's dark ending, it's revealed that David - having already wiped out the Engineers on their home planet - disguised himself as his counterpart, the newer model of android Walter, and snuck aboard the Covenant alongside the spaceship's remaining crew members. And as the final scene confirms, he brought two of his facehugger embryos with him.

However, it's been two years now and a third Alien prequel has yet to happen. That's partly because Covenant performed below expectations, taking in $241 million at the global box office on a $97 million budget (a decent, but modest turnout) and earning an overall lukewarm reception from critics and general audiences. At the same time, Covenant has a fair number of vocal supporters, many of whom have been calling for a sequel in the time since it hit theaters. Fassbender, on his end, seems more than happy to oblige them, if given the chance.

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During an interview with (where he and James McAvoy were promoting X-Men: Dark Phoenix), Fassbender said he "loves the character [David]" and would be game to reunite with Scott for a third and potentially final Alien prequel, after their efforts together on Prometheus and Covenant. However, much like his Covenant costars, the actor seemed to have little to no idea if a sequel will ever actually happen, or is even being considered at this point.

Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland and Michael Fassbender as David in Alien Covenant

As others have pointed out, a sequel would not only provide Covenant's fans with a sense of closure, it could also bride the gap between Scott's Alien prequels and his original sci-fi horror classic. Indeed, rumor has it the sequel (which has been referred to as Alien: Awakening in the past) would be about the surviving Engineers seeking revenge against David for his genocidal act, which sounds like a compelling setup right off the bat. More than that, it's been speculated that Scott's plan was to end the movie on the moon LV-426 from Alien, in turn bringing the story of the Xenomorph and its evolution full-circle. Unfortunately, these theories and rumors are all Alien fans really have to work with at the moment, due to the sequel's lack of progress.

The other big mystery factor is Disney, which now owns Fox's movie and TV assets - and, by extension, the Alien franchise. Fox Film's Vice Chair, Emma Watts, offered an update on the situation at CinemaCon, saying the studio plans to "create new stories" set in the world of Alien. But again, it's difficult to discern if the studio has any intention of finishing David's story (and the larger Alien prequel narrative), or plans to essentially reboot the franchise in some way. Here's hoping they offer some clarification in the immediate future, if only so Fassbender and the rest of the Covenant cast and crew have something new to talk about, the next time someone asks them an Alien-related question.

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