Michael Emerson (aka Benjamin Linus) Talks 'Lost'

Michael Emerson, who plays the sneaky, lying, methodical Benjamin Linus on ABC's Lost, recently spoke with Collider about the show on the red carpet of the 2009 Saturn Awards (where Lost won Best Television Series). And Screen Rant (courtesy of Collider) has the video of the short interview for your viewing pleasure.

Matthew Fox has been the actor from the cast of Lost that has spoken the most publicly about his thoughts on the show's mind-boggling fifth season, and of course the finale that left us all with eyes wide and drooling, with a million-and-one things to ponder until the sixth and last season starts in early 2010. But with Emerson playing one of the most interesting characters on the show (I don't think the show gets better than when his character, Ben, is trading dialogue back and forth with John Locke), just what does he think of his role so far, the season 5 finale and the future/end of the Lost? Check out Collider's video interview below to find out:

I think Emerson is completely right when he says the end of Lost will be bittersweet: It will truly be an end of an era, the end of a show unlike any other in terms of depth of mystery, storytelling and meaning. Not to sound too much like a "rah-rah" fanboy, but I really do think Lost is one of the greatest pieces of television ever conceived and I will be sad to see it go. I think when the final "LOST" title comes up on-screen I will then have to say to myself, "Well... what do I do now?"


[Warning: Some SPOILERS ahead]

However, having said that, I am very, very, very excited for what the writers have in store for us with how they're going to bring Lost to a close. They have gotten us this far, with some some big risks being taken along the way (time-travel, moving the island, some of the survivors getting off the island two seasons before the end...), and I have every faith in them that they will bring the show to a satisfying conclusion. They're not going to be able to please everyone and answer every single mystery they have created, but as long as they answer the big stuff - What is the smoke monster exactly? What is the nature of Jacob and the man in black? What the hell happened to the rest of the statue? - it will all be worthwhile.



Are you still a fan of Lost? Do you think the show will have a satisfying ending?

The sixth and last season of Lost will premiere in early 2010.

Source: Collider

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