Michael Emerson Talks 'Lost' Leak & TV Series with Terry O'Quinn

If you're a fan of Lost you've probably put-in your order for the Complete Collection on Blu-ray and, if you're like me, are hopeful for at least one deleted scene featuring a bit of Ben Linus/John Locke banter.

However, should the Lost special features fail to deliver in this particular area of interest, it sounds as if the actors themselves (Michael Emerson & Terry O'Quinn) might have something up their sleeves. The Emmy-award-winning actors are shopping around a new TV project, and while it's not an extension of the Lost universe, it would see the twosome partnered on screen.

According to the Associated Press, Emerson has confirmed that he and O'Quinn are pitching a "somewhat more lighthearted" show that "acknowledges the age and frailty of the actors involved" - a show where, should one of their characters get hit in the face, "you go down on the ground and don't get up for a month."

Emerson hopes to "bring the truth of [their] lives and as actors into whatever this show might be - in addition to the characters [they'd] play."

This isn't the first time that Emerson has discussed his interest in working with O'Quinn - as the pair presented similar post-Lost plans on Jimmy Kimmel's Aloha to Lost special that followed the series finale.

The Emerson and O'Quinn show discussion starts at the 2:30 mark:

The notion of a buddy-drama series centered around a pair of aging protagonists (Emerson is 55 and O'Quinn is 58) is an oddly-intriguing venture. Of course, it helps that both actors have extensive television experience including multi-episode appearances on high-profile series such as JAG, The West WingThe Practice - and of course, Lost.

In addition to planning his future with Terry O'Quinn, Emerson is also discussing the upcoming, and already leaked, Lost mini-episode/epilogue "The New Man in Charge." The Lost favorite is excited that the epilogue gives a peak at that "great gap of time" during which Hurley and Ben are in charge of the island and "other affairs."

Lost - Ben and Hurley epilogue

Though, Emerson is featured in the episode, he has yet to see it and the actor asserts that he doesn't understand the whole "I have to see it before the rest of the world mania" - because " you can't talk about it with anyone."

It's a fair assertion but it's a lot easier to wait for the episode when you were the man reading the lines and, as a result, already know everything that's in it.

Source: Yahoo

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