Michael Caine Might Re-Team With Nolan For 'Inception'

It's been known for a while now that Christopher Nolan's next movie will not be Batman 3, but in fact an enigmatic sci-fi thriller called Inception. Not much is known about the project, except that it's described as "a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind."

Pretty much all of the news we've had so far has been casting related, with Leonardo DiCaprio already cast, and Cillian Murphy (who worked with Nolan in Batman Begins, playing The Scarecrow), Marrion Cotillard and Ellen Page also in talks to star. Adding to that impressive list, the word is that Alfred himself, Michael Caine, might be coming on-board as well.

In an interview with MTV, Caine's answers inevitably swerved towards the fan-boy angle, being asked about whether he'll be working with Nolan on Inception. What did Caine have to say?:

"I think there might be a part for me. I could well be [in it], yes...I don't think Nolan's going to make a picture without me...I will know this week if I'm going to be in it."

As many of you will know, Caine has worked with Nolan a few times before in Batman Begins, The Prestige and, of course, The Dark Knight. If there's a suited role there in Inception, I see no reason why Nolan shouldn't use him again.

I automatically look forward to any, and I mean any, project that has Christopher Nolan's name attached. He's got a track record without fault so far IMO, and for any filmmaker that's saying something indeed. Granted Nolan has only made five films, so we'll need to wait until he's at about ten before we know for sure if he's the next Steven Spielberg. Most of his movies I would consider modern favorites of mine, so that, added to the fact he's both directing and writing Inception makes me very excited to see it.

Although, I'm kind of saddened that Batman 3 will obviously be on hold until Nolan is finished with this project. But I understand him wanting to take a break from the Batman universe - he's probably already spent a good five years of his life on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and remember, at first he was a director more accustomed to working on smaller projects, so maybe he just wants a break from the stress of working on such big productions as the Batman movies undoubtedly are.

Like Caine said, there should be an announcement either way about him starring in the film by the end of the week - but I would chalk his inclusion in the cast up as very probable.

Are you looking forward to Inception? Do you think Michael Caine should get a role in the film if there's one suited to him?

Inception starts shooting this summer and is currently set for a release sometime in 2010.

Source: MTV Movies Blog

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